Multiple Choice Test: Odd Future Edition

Test your knowledge of the so-called “hottest new group in the world ever.”

Odd Future Multiple Choice Test

1. Odd Future is…

a) The hottest thing to happen to hip-hop since The Fugees
b) The new Wu
c) The new Cru
d) None of the above

2. Tyler, the Creator is…

a) a genius
b) an extraordinary genius
c) an extraordinary genius of the rarest kind
d) a new blogger?

3. The comma in Tyler, the Creator is for…

a) elegance
b) an arty pause
c) a typo made when posting his first YouTube video
d) grammatically correct according to APA style

4. When writing about Tyler, the Creator, one should always…

a) compare him to Eminem
b) compare him to Eminem
c) compare him to Eminem
d) compare him to Eminem

5. You know they’re hot when…

a) Noz writes about them on CocaineBlunts
b) Rolling Stone jumps on the bandwagon
c) MTV plays a snippet of a video after Teen Mom
d) Styles P jacks your instrumental for a freestyle

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