Action Bronson Continues To Cook Up That Hottness

Dope piece on Action Bronson from The Montreal Mirror:

“Speaking by phone from iconic Left Coast producer the Alchemist’s Los Angeles home, Queens, NY-bred rapper Action Bronson—one of 2011’s most unanimously embraced emerging underground hip hop acts—is quite audibly miles from home.

“I’m just lampin’ right now on the beach, smokin’ a joint,” he says breezily. “It’s beautiful over here, it’s like 70. It’s prime weather. In New York, it’s fuckin’ snowing right now, I just heard.”

True to his name, though, he’s not on holiday down there.

“I’m not even sure what day it is. I’m locked in right now, I’m locked the fuck in on some music shit. Being at this guy’s house is some next shit. It’s just like, wake up, eat, rap, sleep, shit, rap, you know? The wind (here) hits you differently. You inhale different. It’s like a load is off, you’re so laid back, you can just work.”

His first album, Dr. Lecter, is one of the most talked-about rap records of the year, with his love for hip hop, haute cuisine, ladies and ganja being the order of the day.

A chef by trade, Bronson—who only began rhyming three years back—now complements a lifetime in the kitchens of NYC with this promising new career path. A collabo record with Boston production maven Statik Selektah drops mid-month, while the Alchemist project is nearly complete. Globe-trotting is, as a result, his newfound passion.

“It’s an amazing thing. If anything comes from this rap, I can just travel the world. Like, I really don’t give a fuck, ’cause I can do other things, but travelling the world is something that is obviously great if someone pays for it, and fucking pays you to come there. That’s the most important to me. I’ve been outta the country before but not like this.”

Son of an Albanian ex-pat father and a “Brooklyn Jew” mom, Bronson’s sound was forged in hip hop’s front yard, but he doesn’t pay much mind to the new stuff, other than to mention New York’s upcoming talent with a nod of respect.

“I listen to the same shit that I been listening to since the 90s. No new albums have really come out that, like, hit me. Actually, I haven’t bought an album in years. The last one I bought was the second Raekwon album, the Purple Tape, Part Two.”

Much has been made of Bronson’s knack for referencing fine foods in rhyme, but he assures would-be listeners that the buzz he creates is no mere gimmick, offering a live show as his piece de resistance.

“I’m actually most comfortable on stage. My breath is perfect,” says the mic phenom. “I don’t usually rhyme with a hype man or anything like that. I just let everyone hear it raw. The shit is impeccable. I pride myself on the show. If I don’t put on a good show, I’m upset at myself.

“I’d rather be somewhere fuckin’ serving a guy some beautiful cuisine,” he admits. “But the rapping skills, they precede themselves, and the cooking skills do the same thing. So it’s not a gimmick.”

“And you know, if you don’t like it, I dunno what to tell you. You wanna fuckin’ challenge me to an Iron Chef match, you can do that.”

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