Wordsmith Journal Entry #2

Wordsmith Journal Entry #2

My job recently told me I can no longer pick up extra hours, so I had an extended break dating back
to last Wednesday. Some might get mad over a development like this, but I stayed positive and just
said, “God must have other plans for me.” Why do I say that, well I am pretty much a single father and I
actually needed the extra time with my kids along with devoting more time to my Music. God seems to
have a way of working things out for you whether you’re aware of change or oblivious to it.

On the music tip my “King Noah” LP was finished a month ago and like I stated in the last journal I am
awaiting Fat Beats Records ruling on the project and a drop date; preferably April 24th or May 1st would
be nice. I’ll keep my fans updated on that as right now I am printing up flyers of the cover, which is very
dope. It was hand drawn by a buddy of mine overseas named Gab Gato and it features my son and I gold
plated in Egyptian designs. In my opinion it will be one of the most heartfelt covers released this year
and really embodies what the “King Noah” LP is about. Since I have mad time to talk about the album I
will leak more and more as I drop these journals for my fans and family. Other than that I will be kicking
off my “King Noah” Promo Tour in San Jose, CA on March 9th at Motif (Shout to DJ Rowbot of KSJS 90.5)
and then rocking Streetlight Records on March 10th, so all my West Coast fans don’t miss my show; the
theatrics will be back!

Before I get to the release of my album I’ll be dropping my “Prelude to the King” Mixtape at the top of
March. I am undecided on a DJ cutting up the project because to me the music is important for my fans
to hear clearly. I do have the support of long time collaborator’s 2 Dope Boyz as they will be presenting
the project for me; shout to Joel aka Shakes for the assist. 3 weeks ago I released a record from the
mixtape called “The Limit,” which touches on suicide and reaching breaking points in your life; check it
out here http://soundcloud.com/wordsmith/wordsmith-the-limit-produced and purchase it on ITUNES
if you really like it http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-limit-single/id494071930 (Quick promo never
hurts, lol) Anyways, I feel like I am moving more towards real life music that the common individual can
relate to. I have to thank the hardships I am currently going through and writing the “King Noah” LP for
reviving this in me. My next release is called “A Hero’s Welcome,” and my inspiration for this record
came from the fact that my father, Tony Parker, was in the Army for over two decades and retired as a
Full Colonel; something still uncommon for an African American in our day and age. I grew up around
the Army life, so I really needed to touch on it and let the soldiers who sacrifice their life daily know it
doesn’t go unnoticed. I believe it has a catchy hook and strong lyrics that will grab the listener like “The
Limit” did. I want my fans and family to hear the angle I am coming from on this mixtape as it all relates
to real life and will really prep you for my “King Noah” album.

Besides the music I am releasing setting up the correct promo for both of these projects is key to me and
I am somewhat in a dilemma. I’m currently signed to OMEG Management who steers the careers of
people like Chris Bosh, Cobra Starship, 50 Tyson, 2 Pistols and more. On the verge of a major radio
campaign for my first radio single, “On My Job,” from the “King Noah” Album my manager had a relapse
with his Leukemia; something he has been fighting for years. I’m not trying to put his business out there,
but he is only 36 with a family and it hurts to see good people be struck by such a brutal disease. I mean
I seen my mother deal with Cancer and loose her mother and one of her sisters over it throughout my

life, so this is an uphill battle for him. I will admit I feel wrong sometimes because I am so close to my
goal that I want God to heal him so he can live a fruitful life, but also so he can get me over the hump in
my career and get me the national attention I believe my music deserves. I feel in considerate on that
tip sometimes because I am like a machine; no matter how bad things are in my life I keep it moving and
I have to realize everyone isn’t built like that. Through prayer I left that situation in God’s hands and
have complete faith it will come to fruition when I need it most. In the meantime I have been talking to
PR companies, something I have never had in my career as I always do my own promo with my NU
Revolution team. Shout to CuzOH! Black, DJ Nominal, Strada, Capish, Professa and Diallo for their
undying faith in me. It’s crazy to think I had up to 15 people on my label doing various things at one
point just to realize numbers don’t always mean a great output. I would rather rock with a small group
of people that exhibit the same drive I have daily to make it in this industry. Sorry, I went off on a small
tangent there, but back to business. I am also reaching out to some radio promoters because I have
some great singles on my album that need to be heard by the masses. Only problem is I don’t have the
machine behind me like a major label artist. Truth be told, I rely on the money I spend each year via my
NU Revolution Entertainment LLC. Label and the Government is so kind to return a nice portion of it
through taxes; the so kind part is me being smart by the way. Artists, take note of what I said right there
and make sure your handling your business correctly because that’s how I build my yearly budget for
projects. I have to press on with my career and if OMEG comes back into the picture great, but I won’t
allow myself to have regrets because I sat idle during a rough spot in my career.

I look forward to letting my fans and family into more of my life, so make sure and check back weekly for
a new journal entry from me on WeGoinin.com and a special thanks to another long time collaborator
named 730 and his partner J Pizzle for allowing me to run my mouth on their site! Peace and Blessings to
all and I’ll see everyone next week.

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