Wordsmith Journal Entry #6


Wordsmith Journal Entry #6

Okay, so I took a one week break from my journal and there was no particular reason as my life turns
like a hamster wheel. Anyway, let’s get started; I’m about 2 and half weeks away from my first trip to
the west coast in 2012. It will be part vacation and part business as I’ll be heading to Vegas first to chill
with my brother and his wife for a few days and then I’ll be off to San Jose, CA for two shows March 9th-
10th to promote my “King Noah” Album. On the 10th of March I’ll be doing a 45 minute in store set at
Streetlight Records, so I’ll pretty much be doing my full album LIVE!!!! This will serve as a sneak peak
for my west coast fans along with getting free promo cd’s of cuts from the album to take home. I have
to shoutout Paige at Streetlight because she has been very on the ball for my arrival and will even be
putting promo cd’s from “King Noah” in customers bags over the next 2 weeks before I hit the stage.
Next month I’ll be back in my hometown of Baltimore at Towson University for a show on April 7th to
promote my album more, but also raising money for cancer research. Doesn’t get any better than that
as I can fulfill two things I love at once; spreading my music to the masses and helping others!

Speaking on my “King Noah” Album some more it has been completed for about 2 months now, but
I had the honor of seeing a retail version already as some of the physical distributors I am talking to
needed a copy to see if they will pick the project up. This is big for me because I think every artist wants
to see there album in stores someday and it kind of validates you more as an artist when you reach
that point. Nothing against having projects out digitally, but I am old school in my thinking, so physically
getting an album in stores will be huge for my Label NU Revolution Entertainment LLC. It’s very tough to
get a distributor to pick up your label/Album in this day and age when good music won’t easily get you
in the doors. You have to put a plan of promotion together for your project and then financially be able
to execute the promotion you laid out to distributors. This isn’t a major label, so most distributors will
not give you a budget at all, they will literally just make sure your product is in every major independent
record store and if you’re lucky enough to have budget money for some Radio and PR large chain stores
like Best Buy, FYE, etc may give you a shot. I’m all about goals and I really want to start building my
physical catalogue up through my NU Revolution Label because there is more money to be made in the
future when you have 20 plus releases under your label.

Do I still want a major record deal; sure, who wouldn’t, but I like having control over every facet of
my company. Artists understand the main thing major labels can do for you is fork over a boatload
of money to make sure your singles, your album, your image is everywhere for the public to see. The
downside is you’re at their mercy and they can straight shelf you if you’re not hot at the moment. I want
to work my label to the point that any major deal I sign in the future will have to be a joint situation
because I’m already successful independently. Guys I look up to on that tip have to be Tech 9 from
Strange Music and Atmosphere from Rhymesayers Entertainment. Yeah they been at it since the 90’s
and there older guys, but they are very relevant today and sell over 100,000 copies of their albums each
time they drop. There are major recording artist who barely break 50,000 copies sold with the machine
behind them. When you hear the phrase grass roots or guerilla marketing it refers to guys like Tech and
Atmosphere whose fan bases will be by their side forever because they are blue collar artists. I should

know something in regards to distribution in 2 weeks, so hopefully the next time I write my journal I’ll be
closing my first physical distribution deal; I believe it’s possible, so it will happen.!

In closing, I’ll keep shouting out my team of CuzOH! Black, DJ Nominal, Strada, Capish, Professa
and Diallo. Keep checking out our new blogger on Revolt Radio Sofia Topsy and make sure you hit
www.revoltradio.com and send music to musicsubmissions@revoltradio.com for airplay/blog posting
via @cuzohblack and @djnominal on twitter.

Final shout to 730 and J Pizzle for continuing to let my mouth run wild on their site, no censors needed
here fella’s….!!! See ya’ll next week!



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