Fuck Your Sneaker Collection, Barbies Are Where Its At


Is there any rapper more gully than Biz Markie? Collecting Barbies, now that’s gangsta!

Biz Markie will forever be famous for his 1989 Top 10 hit “Just a Friend.” The song’s awkward — some would say horrible — singing on the chorus had fans imitating his signature vocal styling nationwide. But on “Celebrity House Hunting” (Thu., 10 p.m. ET on Biography), Biz revealed that he has a newer friend that’s a little unexpected.

In response to a childhood in which he didn’t have a lot of money to acquire and collect things, Biz claims that he collects a lot of things now. He showed off several items throughout his house, but the most surprising thing was when he revealed he had a DJ Barbie that he kept in his bedroom.

“I collect a lot of things, and some things I just like to be next to me,” he explained. But DJ Barbie was just the tip of this collection, as Biz collects Barbie in general. It’s certainly not an expected destination for a male toy collector, but Biz was confident enough in his masculinity to be proud of his collection, and without a hint of irony.

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Via Huffington Post

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