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Interview: Red Eye

For those who aren’t up on you yet, how would you introduce yourself?

Peace it’s Red Eye. 25% of The Closers / 20% of Infinity Gauntlet / 100% Monster / aka Fatrick Ewing / aka Spewdini the Great / aka Da Drugganaut …

You’re about to drop your new mixtape “St. Fatrick’s Day.” How did it come about and what’s your goal with the project?

I was working on songs for my solo album with my business partner Ruff and we decided it would be a free download for my fans instead of throwing it on iTunes and trying squeeze a few bucks out of it. I went about it the same way I would with making an actual album. I mean it technically is an album. 100% original material. All killer no filler haha. My goal is increase my fanbase and let people know that ill music still exists and artists are still giving them that rawness even though it’s not on the radio.

The guest list is a “whos who” of underground talent. What kind of chemistry are you looking for in your collaborations when you’re putting together a track?

I just enjoying working with other dope artists. It keeps me on my “A” game lyrically. You can never slip up or people are gonna say such and such ate such and such on that track. Plus, I enjoy trying to outshine my features. I’m like Dolph Lundgren in Universal Soldier walking around with my victims ears on a chain as war tokens haha.

You’re also a member of two crews The Closers and Infinite Gauntlet. Who is in those crews and what projects do you have lined up with them?

The Closers consists of the legendary Shabaam Sahdeeq, super production duo Thorotracks and myself. We are currently working on a follow up to our critically acclaimed mixtape, Bullpen Sessionz. This time it will be an album. No title as of yet. Look for it in the fall.

Infinity Gauntlet consists of FT aka Fuc That, Bekay, El Gant, Shabaam Sahdeeq & myself. We are currently working on an untitled album as well. Should be dropping late ’12

I’m guessing you’re a comic book fan judging by the crew new name Infinite Gauntlet. Thanos is the shit! What are some of your favorite comic book series and characters?

I was a huge comic book fan as a youth. I had mad comics. Infinity Gauntlet was ill because Thanos merked everyone with the gems. The way he did it was even iller. X-tinction Agenda was another ill series featured in X-Men, X-Factor & New Mutants. My favorite character is Spider-Man though. We both from Queens haha.

There has always been references to comic book characters throughout hip hop. What do you think the connection is?

I think MCs and comic book characters go hand in hand in the way they exaggerate their abilities. Plus, a lot of us grew up reading comic books.

What’s next for you as far as projects?

Working on the two group projects as well as a collabo project with Born Unique called Slime Bros. The album is called Slime Syndicate. I’m also working on a few ep’s with producers. Me & DJ Qvali ” Scratch & Sniff”, Me & Nickel Plated “NickelEye Volkoff” and few other producers like Skammadix & Robot Oxford. Lots of shit popping off in the near future. Be on the look out for my debut album , Bullet Hole Bukkake. As well as the follow up mixtape to St. Fatrick’s Day, Fatrick Ewing.

Anything else you want to say to the people?

Thanks for supporting your boy and I won’t disappoint. Nothing but classics in the catalog. I have a strong team rolling with me and we gonna smash and scrape anything that gets in our path.

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