Beats For Brothels II Is Coming!!


Beats For Brothels, Vol. II is an enigma of sorts. A unique structure comprised heavily of instrumentals and decorated with the Ghastly Duo’s vocals interspersed throughout the project. Breaking the mold of the first in the series, Volume II is designed for an authentic listening experience as the structure dictates intended feelings and emotions crafted by The Groggy Pack.

1. Trembling Fever

2. Eye
3. Reign Dance
4. Last Breath
5. Whole Wide World
6. Caipirinha
7. Adorn
8. Black Cloak Lifestyle
9. Prolapse
10. D. Flutie
11. 91%
12. What Am I
13. Befoul
14. Frequency Levels
15. Schemes
16. Sick Perv
17. Cover Blown
18. Cotard Delusion


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