Awkword Vs. The Prison Industrial Complex

Appearing on AWKWORD’s DJBooth-sponsored 100% for-charity global Hip Hop project, World View, and with co-signs from The Prison Policy Initiative and The Sentencing Project, the activist emcee’s newest release “Throw Away The Key (No More Prisons)” is his first overtly political record since “Mr. President (The Wisconsin Song)” with Y-Love 16 months ago. The catchy, anthemic single, produced by Toronto’s L.Ment, is at once an attack on racism, inequality and the (in)justice system in America and a tribute to the people who live a life in constant defense mode — from the police, from the courts, from the Man.

“born into prisons, most ghetto buildings got bars /
when you live without shit, go head and worship them cars /
the vista from the stoops, Marine billboards, you bored /
and on the block, you got bars, drug dealers and whores…”

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