Eddie B. Interview

For those not yet up on you, how would you introduce yourself?

I would say I’m Eddie B. Get used to me because I’m never going to stop.

Two things that definitely comes across in your music is you insane lyricism but also your flow which you can switch up pretty effortlessly. Does your writing affect the flow you use, or is it the beat, or a combination of both?

The beat always tells my flow what to do. If you don’t push yourself out of your comfort zone than all your music will sound the same so its important to let the beat speak to you. I can’t imagine flowing the same on every track to me thats just boring bullshit.

You and underground legend Shabaam Sahdeeq are linking up for a joint project, “The Wolves.” How did that come about and what can you tell us about the album?

One day I was at D Block studio kickin it with my homie and Styles P and my phone rang. I picked up and Harry(Fraud) told me he had Bam in the lab. I was always a supporter of Shabaam’s music so me and my homie left Yonkers and went to the studio. We ended up making a very powerful song. Next thing you know we had banger after banger being made and an album to release.

You are also working a lot with Harry Fraud who is blowing up crazy. How did you two link up and how important is your musical chemistry together? You’re on some Guru and Preemo shit!

First and foremost Harry Fraud is my best friend. We came up together and to see him accomplish his goals makes me very proud. We have been making music together for 10 years and everytime we go into the lab together the end result is always epic. I guess because we’ve been doing it for so long. Its funny you say Guru and Preem because we are both huge Gangstarr fans.

I know you rep for Jersey as do I. Who are you some of your favorite Jersey MCs?

Move from Bk to New Jeruz y’all know the rules Biggie Amalls already told yall fools. My favorite artist from Jerz is Redman nobody’s fuckin with Reggie Noble. Lets not forget Lauryn Hill as well. She’s just amazing even though she only dropped one album it’s still one of the greatest LP’s of our time.

You recently got down with Man Bites Dog Records who have been putting out seriously quality music for some time now. How did you link up with them and what can you tell us about the project?

The album is called Paper Piff and Polo. It drops in Vovember and people need to have it in their life because its quality music that isn’t disposable or watered down. It’s just banger after banger. Alot of the homies are featured on this album. It meant alot to me that everyone was down to collab with your boy. The artists featured on my album are Smoke Dza, Sean Price, Action Bronson, Termanology and Mistah Fab.

What else is on the horizon for Eddie B. ?

The only thing on the horizon for me is more music. After we release this album we will start the next one. Can’t stop won’t stop gotta keep grinding.

Any final words?

Surf School… Fool

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