Duss Smitto Goes In Vol. 1

Welcome to the first installment of a new feature here at We Goin’ In called “Duss Smitto Goes In.” For those who don’t yet know, Duss Smitto is a seriously dope MC and real Hip Hop head straight outta BKNY repping for the Block Exchange crew with STRONG opinions about the music industry and the state of Hip Hop. Since game recognize game we are excited to give him platform to say whatever he wants to say about whatever and whomever he pleases. No holds barred, no censoring, and no worries about hurt feelings. If you’re offended, he might just be talking about you!

Duss Smitto Goes In Vol. 1

I wanna start off by saying what’s up too all my real people who support real Hip Hop.

I made a comment the other day at my video shoot for “That’s Power” featuring R.H. Bless and Cess Wonder about the fuck boy shit I see going on in the music industry that people are scared to speak on. These pay me to play your records DJs who are really pussy, these fake ass A&Rs who don’t recognize real talent and these fuck boy rappers who get robbed every other event they appear at.

This game is disgusting now. Either you’re a under cover homo rapper or you’re just a mainstream pop off dummy. Where are the real Hip Hop heads that live this shit day in and day out? The music that’s being made now is the music that is going to kill Hip Hop.

Labels don’t care who you are only what you can do for them. We are watching our culture be ripped from under us and nobody is doing nothing about it. Some of these new artists get way too much credit for me. Artists like Drake who I think is just ok. He’s not as nice as people make him out to be. Big Sean sucks point blank period. I think I need to hear more from J. Cole but the rest of the new artists are trash. Trust me people are going to remember I said these words.

Until next time Smittnation. Peace.


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That’s Power Video

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