Duss Smitto Goes IN Vol. 2

I always want to start off by saying salute to all my true Hip hop heads.As I read through some of my favorite magazines and other websites, I see that this game is getting more sour and sour by the minute. The truth about the culture and what it was built on is lost forever in my opinion until these new artists learn their history and what the business is about. Otherwise we’ll always be behind in our own creation.

Look at Lil B. This nigga is a clown. He stands for nothing in the game, He is nothing but a target for a real niggas’ pockets. (laughing) This is why it’s so hard for real artist to get signed now because artists like wack ass Future are just holding up space. Let’s see how many new rappers make it past their first album. It’s so bad that New York ain’t even supporting their own artists at all, but they can play Young Money all day. Lil Wayne’s time is up. He needs to put the mic down and skateboard his life away (laughing).

Busta Rhymes is another one. Who the fuck cares to hear a album from him? These old rappers ain’t no better.

Well until next time. I’m going to review Nas’ new album because I think it’s trash. (laughing)

Holla world it’s SmittNation.


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