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Introducing Guitars N Bandanaz

“Guitars N Bandanaz sounds like what you would get if you poured Nirvana, Guns N Roses, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Michael Jackson, RHCP’s and Lenny Kravitz in a pot, and boiled them all down to a stew… with a dash of Heavy Metal and a sprinkle of punk culture.”
An American “Hip-Rock-Soul” Band originating from Hempstead / Freeport, Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn, New York. The band consists of lead vocalist, writer and co-producer David “Sincere Gubano“ McRae; Lead writer, D.J./rapper and backing vocal support Michael “DJ Fadelf“ Jackson; lead producer, rapper, writter, and rhythm guitarist Michael “Mike Street” Arthur; drummer Howard “Hunter HT” Toomer; and lead guitarist Kagun “Big K” Marx.
Guitars N Bandanaz is a spawn of the it’s production company HipRokSoul Music Group, consisting of Sincere, DJ Fadelf, Mike Street, and Touche. Although not a band member, Greg “Touche” Arthur contributes as one of the main writers and arrangers of GNB’z current sound. The band derives it’s music from the heart of Hip Hop and it’s culture, the spirit of Rock ‘n Roll, and the soul of R&B. GNB’z strives in putting
together a collective catalogue of music that will speak to the masses as they
aspire to claim the ears of listeners from all walks of life, and capture the hearts of millions worldwide. Guitars N Bandanaz is a band of icons in the making, and are far
from rookies. Each band member plays a vital role in the group’s inevitable
rise to stardom. Individually each member has had their share of projects that
have led them to a notable place of success, garnering their positions as true
artists in what they do.

Sincere Gubano, an eclectic minded being, began
singing at the age of 14. Initially, Sincere had no intentions of singing until
a female overheard him in his neighborhood deli, and thought he had a great
voice. Growing up in Hempstead, Long Island on Terrace Avenue,
Sincere would master his craft by training to the likes of New Edition, The
Temptations, The Jackson Five, Smokey Robinson,U2, Nirvana, and Green Day. Sincere played a key role as one of he vocalists and writers for the 3X Grammy winning group The Product G&B, well known for the smash hit “Maria, Maria” with Carlos Santana. The mega hit contributed to Santana’s album “Super Natural”, which sold over 30 million worldwide. A former protégé of Wyclef Jean and the Refugee Camp, this well rounded individual has worked with the likes of Earth Wind & Fire, Clive Davis, Dave Matthews and 50 Cent. Sincere has participated in projects with 98 Degrees, Track Masterz, Angie Martinez, Lil Kim, M.O.P. , Pras of the Fugees, Dipset and more providing vocals and lyrics. He has traveled the world and toured with The
Fugee’s, Destiny Child and Kelis. He has performed for the European & Latin
Grammy’s, has made cameos in the movie “Turn it up” with Ja Rule and a Tommy
Hilfiger Commercial. Along with his cousin D.J Fadelf, Sincere plans on storming
the entertainment world with their company Kuzins Entertainment. Sincere brings
his experience as a world-renowned artist, melodic vocalist, energetic arranger
and spontaneous humor to Guitars N Bandanaz.

Mike Street,
a “think outside the box” producer known for his distinctive, robust voice
began sharpening his skills as a producer at the age of 12 on a
laptop. Born into a family of musical inspiration and experience. His mother
is the former singer/model, Suzette Alleyne of the band named “Signs of The Zodiac” and his Aunt was a well-known Calypso singer named Janet Alleyne. With a hunger and drive to showcase his talent beyond his in home studio, Mike Street sacrificed numerous
days of himself to this monster called the grind; waiting for the payoff, and
payoff it did! In 2007 he signed a distribution deal with InGrooves Record Label, which
handles digital distribution for UMG (Universal Music Group) and known for acts such as: Dolly Parton, Q-Tip and Thievery Corporation. In 2008 Street’s would go further and release a rap album through InGrooves digital distribution titled “The Man & The Dream”. The album fared well in Australia, Belgium, Germany, France and many other countries across the European circuit. Mike Street and his Brother Gregory “Touche” Arthur are currently co-owners of the label Emstate Records. Well known for his tag phrase “Over and out,” Mike Street is an artist that won’t just settle and
goes Over his work for a professional Outcome.

TOUCHÉ [too-shey] – Starting from minor performances
at local churches, halls and art theaters then upping
to the memorable live act @ Six Flags Great Adventure
NJ and the Greek Fest 2005 & 2007 NY the entertainer
known as Touché of Emstate Records has now done
slightly more notable performances such as opening
for Busta Rhymes & Papoose @ Club 2686 LI, NY in
2006, (B)altimore (M)usic (C)onfrence 2008 as well as
Premiere Productions “Style & Grace Fashion Show” @
the Melville Marriot, NY. Born Gregory Arthur in Las
Vegas, Nevada, Touché and family moved east for
a bite of “The Big Apple”. Staying alive in the active
area of Rosedale, Queens in the early 1990’s he was
inspired by such talents as the late Notorious B.I.G.,
Tupac, Big L and the Wu-Tang Clan and influenced
by artists like Busta Rhymes, Nas, Jay-Z, Nirvana, The
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Wonder, and Michael
Jackson. During the very late 1990’s a manageable
town of Hempstead was screaming the Arthur’s
name to a home of the Freeport village, in the town of
Hempstead. Long Island NY is where Touché’s lyrical
aptitude came into play as history has him being
one of the first and founding members of the rap
powerhouse “EMSTATE” first live captive audience at
The Performing Arts Centre of Wyndanch. Touché is
a self taught bass player and designs his own Grunge
influenced styled apparel.

The Versatile DJ Fadelf a.k.a Mr Hypejuice, born in
Hempstead N.Y began singing and dancing at the age of 7, and writing music at
the age of 14. While growing up to the sounds of Prince, Stevie Wonder, James
Brown, Michael Jackson, John Coltrane and others, Fadelf developed his
musically inclined ear, and even became a well-travelled model by the age of
21. But regardless of all the talents within, Fadelf was overwhelmed by the art
of Dee Jaying. Although unable to afford a full set of equipment, he was
inspired by the likes of Kid Capri, Kool Herc Jam Master Jay, Jazzy Jeff,
Grandmaster Flash and Ron G. Fadelf began to DJ with two tape decks, and mastered his craft of blending by mixing with one turntable to the sounds of videos on television. Fadelf
has served and toured as the official D.J for 3x Grammy winners, The Product
G&B and several up & coming U.S artists. He is also the lead D.J for
Buzz Brand Marketing N.Y., and Member of Elite Sound Ent, Spectrum
Entertainment and the Favorites International D.J Crew. He has rocked crowds
all over the globe in places including Germany, The Bahamas, France, Canada, Spain, Brussels, and numerous venues here in the States. DJ Fadelf has been spotted on
billboards from Munich to New York City. He has also been highlighted in papers and publications such as The Vibe Magazine and The Source Magazine, garnering him guest spots on NY radio shows on Hot 97 and WBLS, appearances on MTV, NBC Late Night with Carson Daly… and several other notable outlets. DJ Fadelf is a definate force to be reckoned with, while he brings his smooth yet rugged presence to Guitars N Bandanaz. Knowing that networking is a major key in the business “Mr Hypejuice” has rubbed elbows with the A-listers as well as starving artists, yet remains humble and patient.

The charismatic, God fearing drummer, Hunter HT, has
definitely been around the music block a time or two. Rooted in the church,
Hunter stands strong on his belief that “God is the Creator”. At a young age, HT
was blown away to find out that his Father was a legendary Organist in both the
Secular and Gospel world. He would go on to use this new found knowledge as a
driving force to succeed. To the surprise of most, Hunter once aspired to be a
guitarist. However, only to realize his true calling was the drums, for they
chose him. Hunter HT has played for many churches, R&B star India Irie,
Gospel artists Christina Holloway and Deverne & The Vintage Soul. He has
also contributed studio work for artist such as Kelly Clarkson, Kelly Price, the late
Stack Bundles and The Harlem Mass Choir. His influences in music spans many
genres such as Rock & Roll, Jazz, Fusion, Blues, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop,
Christian and Country. He admires the work of Avril Lavinge, Frankie Lymon and
The teenagers, Michael Jackson, Incubus, Linkin Park,
Jill Scott and many others. HT is also the C.E.O of In-Da-House Productions.

Kagun Marx, This guitar virtuoso was born to
Bajan parents who moved to Brooklyn from the West Indies.
Learning music by ear and without formal instruction as early as age 11,
Kagun’s self taught skills and improvisation dexterity rivaled that of seasoned
professionals. His first encounter with the Guns N’ Roses (GN’R) video “You
Could Be Mine” became the gateway for the discovery of Kagun’s innate musical
ability. Of GN’R’s then lead guitarist, Slash, Kagun says “I wanted to look that
cool and play guitar like him. He knew that moment what he wanted to do. From there, Kagun moved on to virtuoso guitarists Steve Vai and Greg Howe. They made Kagun want to be a better guitar player overall. “The things they do with a guitar are simply amazing.” Kagun’s past and present influences include bands such as: Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Pantera, Slayer, Meshuggah, Gojira, Death, Necrophagist and
guitarists: Randy Rhoads, Marty Friedman, “Dimebag Darrell”, Chuck Schuldiner,
Muhammed Suicmez, Kiko Loureiro, Stanley Jordan and many more. Not a one trick
pony, this musician’s talent extends to drums, bass “…and some keys”.

Guitars N Bandanaz aka The WolfPakk (the band’s alter ego), is a well
rounded group of talented individuals that embody artistry, drive, loyalty,
eagerness, and humility. Guitars N Bandanaz is a revolution that is preparing to invade the music industry by storm.

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