You Should Stream This Then Cop It


Philly beatsmith Small Professor is back with his latest offering in the form of a beat tape appropriately titled Cool Story, Pro which is available for digital download via Bandcamp for the bargain bin rate of $8.00. The project, which maintains Small Pro’s soulful knock throughout, shifts moods around the halfway marker in a way explained best by the man himself:

“This is actually my second ‘official’ instrumental album, the first being 2008′s Slowbus, released on Seclusiasis. The album is (supposed to be) a story about a fictional relationship that starts off wonderfully and ends in sad, painful loss; at the time of its conception (early or mid 2010), I was coping with a recent breakup (and still dealing with issues from other past relationship failures), and constructing most of the second half of the album was my therapy. The first half – the lighthearted part – was mostly inspired by my current relationship. The original title was simply Jawn, and was supposed to be released in fall 2011, but between the making of Gigantic, Vol. 1 and the other ‘Jawn’ albums/beat tapes, it was delayed until now. Stylistically, it was modeled after J Dilla’s Donuts and 14KT’s Nowalataz (2009), as well as being inspired by the “Chipmunk Soul” era of 2001-2003.”

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