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I know a lot of you are probably checking out WeGoinIN for the first time right now and wondering a few things. Why is the dude from HipHopGame just starting a blog? Why do we need another blog right now? Who ate my last Hot Pocket? Is Smoothe Da Hustler really making a comeback?

The answers to all of those burning questions will be answered in due time. What I can tell you now is this: No, I am not leaving HipHopGame. It’s too much fun. No, this blog is not in competition with HipHopGame. Rather it will be a forum where I can do whatever I want with the blessing of Dee Jekkyl, the founder/architect/song poster of HipHopGame. So don’t worry about HHG. I’m not pulling a Mike Jordan and leaving the top site in the game to go take some hacks in the minor leagues. This is more like a Bo Jackson move but I’m hoping the hips hold up.

So rest assured, loyal HHG followers and detractors alike. You will still get the same in-depth interviews with cutting-edge commentary that you’re used to on HipHopGame, but now you have something else to bookmark too.

Now to the big question – with so many blogs out there, why start a new one today?

One of the main reasons WeGoinIN needed to launch yesterday is because we have a strong team of cynical, sarcastic dudes who look at this hip-hop stuff from a pretty cool perspective. We’re not going to be the site where you can see all the latest YouTube videos and have the latest songs up for free download. We’re not the ctrl + c, ctrl + v kind of guys. You’ll get exclusive music and videos from us, but it’s going to be for a reason.

As for the time being, the team is JP, Ezuz Gzuz and myself. I actually sold JP my first real mixtape, HipHopGame Radio Vol. 1, hosted by Manifest Destiny, at the 2003 Rocksteady concert. I actually didn’t meet him for another three years when he was enrolled at UVA. Late one night he was trolling for chicks in his sedan as I was stumbling home from The Biltmore. As he was stopped at a light, I heard Reef the Lost Cauze bumping out of the system. Using all the commen sense available at the time, I jumped in front of the car and screamed, “That’s Reef the Lost Cauze.” The girlfriend, who recently upgraded her status to fiance, was not impressed. JP was, however. All I remember is screaming out, “Dude, you gotta email me. Reef’s hosting my next mixtape! I’m 730 from HipHopGame!” While that line never worked with the ladies, I did get an email from JP later. When I asked him how he knew I wasn’t faking, his reply was brutally honest. “Who would lie about being 730?” he replied.

Ezuz, known as Ezuz Gzuz to others, used to be a raging alcoholic bum with whom JP met on the street. While divulging in conversation with him, he noticed his extensive knowledge of Hip Hop. When JP told me about him, I said “I had to have him on board”. I don’t have any cool stories about jumping in front of Ezuz’ car because we’ve never actually met face-to-face, but from the posts he’s written, I’m 85% sure he exists, which is more than I can say for Trigger the Gambler. Where is he, by the way?

Both JP and Ezuz are bringing a unique perspective to the table and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading their posts as much as I do.

This blog is also for all the magazine editors who didn’t think I could cut it writing for them. It’s for the so-called “journalism giants” who would say they wanted to do stuff and then forget how to return an email. It’s for the fans who don’t think I should even be writing, much less writing about hip-hop. It’s also for the rappers who forget what site gave them their first song post and interview. Allow me to jog your memory – it was HipHopGame. I’ve been waiting a long time to extend the middle finger at all the people just mentioned and damnit if it doesn’t feel good to do it.

WeGoinIN is also for fans of real music tired of the same ol’ crap online. It’s really hard to find honesty in hip-hop journalism today for two main reasons: 1) advertising and 2) exclusive music.

There are a lot of bloggers and sites that disregard an honest opinion because ad dollars are being dangled in front of them like a carrot to a mule. Most advertisers don’t want to spend money, and rightfully so, with people who bash them. So what happens? More BS song posts and interviews. And don’t even get started on the print game. Sometime check out who pays for the ads and who gets reviews and features in the magazine. Coincidence? Nah.

Exclusive music is probably the most valuable commodity in the game today. Having a song at 11:45 while everyone else gets it at 12 is not that big of a deal with the fans, but within the hip-hop world, having a song 15 minutes ahead of everyone else is the difference between making sweet love to a virgin vs. bagging a transvestite (or attempting to, like Norbit). A lot of times exclusive music comes from the same people, so if you don’t post a Rick Ross song, don’t expect to get a Beanie Sigel exclusive. It’s a dirty game at the end of the day because you have to watch what you say, what you post and you have to always, always give props and shout outs and all that. Dee Jekyll and I do a pretty good job at keeping the exclusives coming in on a regular basis, but sometimes it’s nice to just eject yourself from the hunt and focus on what really matters – offensive and maybe thought-provoking or violence-inducing lyrics and banging beats, which is what keeps the hardcore fans coming back on a regular basis.

I’m not here to play the exclusive game on WeGoinIN and neither are JP and Ezuz. We’re here to have fun, give you a distraction from work (hopefully) and remind you why you got into hip-hop in the first place. Enough talking. You get the point and I don’t want to get redundant. I don’t want to get redundant.

Whether it’s the music or your lady, just remember, WE GOIN IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brian Kayser
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