Cashmere – Fool’s Gold (Prod. by 730)


New single from Cashmere and 730 off The 730 Project EP. Video dropping later this week.

Download Cashmere – Fool’s Gold (Prod. by 730)

Cashmere – Jackie Robinson (Prod. by 730)

Jackie2 HHG

New leak off the Cashmere X 730 project The 730 Project EP. Enjoy!

Download Cashmere – Jackie Robinson (Prod. by 730)

Tamppa – Hunger Forever

#TamppaTuesdays continue with another dope banger from one of the hungriest MCs in the game.

Tamppa – Hunger Forever

Thrilla Cartel – Street Kings

Some dope visuals from the up and coming Thrilla Cartel. Shouts to Young Sav on the lookout!

Thrilla Cartel – Street Kings Apr09


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Mayhem and Jerz feat. Tribeca and EK – You May Not Understand

Mayhem and Jerz drop second video off their joint project MayJerzachusetts Island. The video was shot in NYC and directed by Gregory Davis. You can download their free album here.

#TamppaTuesdays Continue to Make Your Tuesdays Better


#TamppaTuesdays continue with this freestyle, this time with an assist from July Cruise.

Download Tamppa feat. July Cruise – No Church, No Mercy

Tamppa Tuesdays – Part III


More heat from the homie Tampa!

Tamppa – Shock Mansion

Tamppa Tuesdays Continues!


Check out this second installment of Tamppa Tuesdays, courtesy of the one and only Tamppa!

Tamppa feat. Wordsmith and CuzOh Black – You Can Be


Tamppa Tuesdays: 1st Edition


We’re proud to announce of a new section on WeGoinIN starring one of our favorite up-and-coming MCs, the one and only Tamppa. Each week we’ll bring you an exclusive Tamppa banger. Don’t worry, you can thank us later.


Tamppa feat. Caeza and Trigz of the H.O.O.D. Fellaz – The Reason We Breathe

This is off Tamppa’s upcoming mixtape International Hunger Pains hosted by Sha Stimuli.

Does the XXL Freshmen List Even Matter Anymore?

Every year, XXL selects ten up-and-coming prospects and dubs them as the new crop of “Freshmen,” regardless of how many years they’ve actually been sending mp3s to sites and getting their name on whatever bill they could. To be selected, it definitely helps to have at least two of the following:

- already be signed to a major label – This automatically means you can’t be a total flop, since the major label that cops ads for the magazine will benefit from the partnership of having their new signee appear credible. More Freshmen selected from a label, more ads from the label.

- hype – You don’t have to actually be talented to be selected as next. How else can you explain artists like Machine Gun Kelly, Yelawolf, Iggy Azalea, Lil’ Twist, and OJ Da Juiceman getting an honor that artists like Stimuli, Skyzoo, and Vado couldn’t get?

- come from a hip-hop family – Sorry, Diggy Simmons, but this goes for you. While you’re not a terrible rapper, there’s also nothing besides your bloodline that separates you from everyone else. Oh, and that Atlantic deal.

- don’t be a chick – Out of 50 rappers selected as up-and-coming, only one female has been selected, and it is the untalented and nowhere-to-be-found Iggy Azalea. Nicki Minaj? Nope. Drake? Nope. If XXL had been doing their job, they would have featured those cats before they got as big as they did. Nitty Scott? Nope. Boog Brown? Nope.

- don’t be a producer – For some reason producers don’t seem to count, even though they’re, in my opinion, the most essential element in creating quality hip-hop. No Lex Luger or Harry Fraud takes away from whatever credibility these lists are supposed to have.

XXL also plays it incredibly safe in picking ten new artists each year. It’s pretty hard to pick the one or two artists that will really blow, but when you take ten and hope that one or two of them blow up on a national level and the rest can be mildly successful, which in 2013 terms seems to be dropping a couple of free mixtapes that get picked up by a couple of blogs, then everything worked out.

This year they’re also giving fans the illusion of helping to choose the 2013 class. Some obvious choices this year include Joey Bada$$ and Action Bronson, but seeing as how neither one will probably be copping any ads this year from a major album, I would be shocked if they made it. They need a white guy, so Action’s got the best chance, plus they’ll probably have him holding a spatula or some other kitchen utensil. If they pick both, it would be great for hip-hop and blow my whole theory to shreds.

In order for these lists to have credibility, a few things need to change. First, stop selecting so many. I’d say no more than four rappers and two producers. Second, don’t base it on major label affiliations or co-signs, but on actual talent. No one from G.O.O.D. Music has dropped an album I’d consider worth copping, yet every act Kanye signs gets the nod. Base the selections on actual talent and doing that will require them to do a little more homework and a little less catering to the major labels and relying on the safe options.

Ruc Da Jackal Drops Dope Interview

Ruc is longtime fam from the World Wide Wariers with the big homie Metta but also has a deep history in the game from being a part of the Killa Kidz with Killa Sha. Check his interview, check YouTube for his classics, and be on the lookout for some new exclusives coming at ‘cha!


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Clap Cognac Keeps It Moving


Clap Cognac – February 3rd (Glorious)

Ax Returns with a Vengeance


Ax – Banned from TV Freestyle

Ax – Repeat

Ax has been one of my favorite rappers since his days of blessing HHG with bangers. He’s a former HipHopGame Artist of the Month and is currently working with Travie McCoy. Expect big, big things from this talented MC.

Ax Returns with a Vengeance Feb03


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Clap History Month is Here!


Clap History Month is now in session!

Junclassic Reminds Us Why He’s One of the Illest


This is off the big homie Jun’s album Boulevard Backpack, produced entirely by Bazooka Joe. For those who don’t know, Jun is one of the reigning kings of the concept album. Enjoy!

2 for 1: St. Laz Edition


It must be our lucky day because we have another L-A-Z banger for you, this time featuring his homie Shrine B.

St. Laz Doesn’t Lack in the Confidence Departmet


Always a good day when Laz sends us a new banger.

The King’s Kid Nucci Reyo and 730 Combine to Drop Flames


Not only is this one of my favorite songs off the Nucci Reyo X 730 EP Why Stop Now, it’s also one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever produced. Nothing but realness here.

Jon Connor Works Through His Problems


Brand new Jon Connor!

Nutso Drops Ode to Ladies of the Night


Peep and download the freshness from Nutso, who gets an assist here from Wais P and Punchline.

KON Sci Makes Case for the Tip


You might remember KON Sci as part of the critically-acclaimed group MindsOne. Dude is back with his solo project And Beyond… Peep his single “FeltTip” here.

KON Sci Makes Case for the Tip Jan23


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Killah Priest Can Still Kill It


Shouts to the homie Tha Advocate for sending us this new Killah Priest banger. Check for Digital Dynasty 23 dropping soon.

REKS and Numonics Try the Honest Approach


REKS and Numonics ask you to trust them on this banger featuring Bishop Lamont.

New Keith Murray Music? Yes Please!


Fill up the tank, pull out your MetroCard, jump the turnstile, do whatever you gotta do, ’cause Keith Murray is ridin’ Looking forward to this release.

DreadChild (Knotz) Comes Back with an Assist from Swigga and Scram Jones



DreadChild owes us a neckbrace for bumping this one with the volume up. Real hip-hop lives here.

Maffew Ragazino is Gonna Explode our iPods

The one and only Maffew Ragazino’s got a new album White Gold dropping soon, at a price we love. Peep what he’s got to say about it and then clear out some space on your hard drive.

Cyranno Sinatra and Friends Earn a Time-Out

Cyrano Sinatra - Trouble (Cover)2

Check out this banger from Cyranno Sinatra featuring Skyzoo and Trife, produced by Centric!

Trel Mack Dislikes Lack of Effort


Check out the homie Trel Mack with his banger “No Holding Back.”

Trel Mack Dislikes Lack of Effort Jan22


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Labba Makes Glorious Return



Labba is back, y’all! The former Flipmode Squad member absolutely destroys my beat for the title track to the Labba X 730 EP titled Am Back. And yes, this may be a bit biased posting it here, but it’s flames and if it wasn’t, well, we don’t know what we’d do ’cause that hasn’t happened yet!

You Might Be a Wack MC If…

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 11.44.32 PM

this type of foolishness appeals to you…


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Sean Price Preps Us for the SATs

Your boy’s still shocked that Mic Tyson wasn’t at the top of everyone’s Best Of 2K12 lists. That just means those lists didn’t count.

Chuuwee Spits that Concussion Rap

Minds that Collide Artwork

More heat from WGI fam Chuuwee!

We Respect You Too Much to Post This

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 11.39.31 PMThe spam filter’s obviously not working like it should. #wackness


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Young Chris Throws Us Two Pennies on Cassidy and Meek Mill

Nothing new here. Beefs are good when they’re kept on records, bad when it actually gets violent. All that same stuff. Nothing on how The Hustler mopped the floor with Meek, but maybe that’s in part two.

#latepass on this D.V. Alias Khryst Banger

Can’t believe we missed this. Our New Year’s Resolution is to not miss out on anymore heat from our homie D.V!

R.H. Bless Takes Us Behind the Scenes

You know we’re some fiends for that Block Exchange ish!

Swigga Knows People

Much love to Swigga and Natural Elements. This video is for the album of the same name. Not sure when People in High Places will be dropping, but it’ll definitely be on our wish list.

Jon Connor FTW


Jon Connor is back like he never left. Oh, wait, he never did leave. Props to one of the hardest working MCs in the game for dropping the consistent heat!

[soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

REKS and Lee Bannon Get Biblical


New flames from REKS, produced by Lee Bannon. This is off REKS’s new mixtape dropping January 22nd titled Revolution Cocktail.

Punchline Crafts Ode to Flour, Water, and Yeast


Enjoy this new heat from the big homie Punch!


Mixtape Download: Brown Bag All-Stars – Year in Review


The homies with the lunch bags drop a dope collection of their best work from the 2k12. If you’ve been sleeping on the crew, you can wake up to this. Download here.

Ty Nitty Kicks off 2013 for Us!

This is how you kick off the New Year in the most righteous manner possible!

Willie Caba Reps for the Hometeam with Leon Marin, Elus, and Blatant


This track bangs. Love hearing new talent. For more on Willie Caba, download his mixtape here.

Mixtape Download: Jimmy Da Gent – D.O.A.P.


A big thanks to our buddy Suge White for sending this our way. Expect to hear a lot more from Jimmy Da Gent in the future!

Download here



1. Intro (prod. by Sin Beatcamp 201)
2. Shoulda Woulda Coulda ft. Gemstar (prod. by Havoc)
3. Feel Big (prod. by J Cardim)
4. Can’t Lie ft. Big Wee (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)
5. Break Bread (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)
6. Like a Dealer (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)
7. Zoned Out (prod. by G Money Baby)
8. Hey (Wait) (prod. by 15 Sec Ent)
9. Heavy ft. J Mendez (prod. by Kris Fame)
10. My Fears (prod. by J Mizzle)
11. Getting Bread ft. Mike Beck (RIP) & P-Doe (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)
12. Supacala (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)
13. Eyez off Me (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)
14. You Mine (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)
15. Everything  ft. Gina Montana & Nathaniel (prod. by 15 Sec. Ent.)
16. NY Days, Miami Nights ft. Stack$ (prod. by 15 Sec. Ent.)
17. Move It Around ft. Capone of CNN & Dave Lerrick (prod. by Kris Fame)
18. Goin Crazy (prod. by J Cardim)
19. Higher Than Before (prod. by Payton)
20. L.S.D. (Living Slowly Dying)
21. Time Never Stops ft. Prinz, Mike Beck (RIP) & Dave Lerrick (prod. by Dave Lerrick) [BLACKHAND PRODUCT EP COMING SOON]
22. It’s Tha Product ft. Dave Lerrick & Tony Pacasso (prod. by Kris Fame) [THA PRODUCT Coming Soon]

St. Laz Increases Wildness in New Banger




Nothing like a new banger from St. Laz to make the holidays complete!

RH Bless Continues to Kill It with Realness

RH Bless continues to kill it with this creative Block Exchange Film Reel. When you can’t focus on his words, you can see just how truly gifted the dude is as a director and producer. Real recognize real and RH Bless and Block Exchange are looking familiar.

Gee Dubs and Crew Slay Microphone on “Microphone”


I’m not gonna front like I’m all that familiar with Gee Dubs. But he definitely grabbed my attention with this joint, also featuring the incomparable Jak Danielz from Cold Heat, Blacstan, and the legendary DJ JS-1. Happy Holidays from the real underground!

D-Black Hooks Up the 2-for-1 Holiday Special!

Yep, today is the day you get two D-Black videos for the price of one. D-Black finally drops the video to “Chillin’,” a song off his classic Mr. October series. Next up? Hopefully a Mr. WeGoinIN series!

D-Black Hooks Up the 2-for-1 Holiday Special! Dec23


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J57 Puts Us On to Jefferson Price


We already knew the production would be dope with our fam J57 handling the production, but we’re enjoying Jefferson Price’s words too. Peep the music and cop if you’re really feeling it!

Jojo Pellegrino Expounds on Shopper Etiquette

I love what all these hag mothers block every single lane with their shopping carts do not say excuse me and won’t move it so you can c

Shopping this time of year is not always the easiest. Just take a trip to the local Wal-Mart, Target, or any other store and watch kinda-decent people turn into reallly-not-decent people. That’s why we’re thankful there’s JJP to help all those people step their etiquette game up. Thanks buddy!