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Some artists spend their entire career chasing a particular sound, and one of the most hip-hop of hip-hop soundscapes is that classic Queens sound. Gutter sample, hard drums, and the rhymes to match. While Meyhem Lauren can sound comfortable over any style of beat, he sounds most comfortable and most in his element over the gritty production of producers like J-Love, Harry Fraud, and of course Buckwild. Together, Meyhem worked with the legendary Diggin’ in the Crates producer on Silk Pyramids, an LP showcasing Meyhem’s talent for putting words together behind Buckwild’s classic brand of boom-bap. ProfileWild sits down with Meyhem Laurenovitch to talk about Silk Pyramids, what it’s like working with Buckwild, how his rhymes come together, his top ten or so Queens albums, his album with DJ Muggs, Action Bronson, what he’s been cooking, and how Dani’s House of Pizza fuels his rhymes.

Here are some quotes from the feature:


Does the XXL Freshmen List Even Matter Anymore?

Every year, XXL selects ten up-and-coming prospects and dubs them as the new crop of “Freshmen,” regardless of how many years they’ve actually been sending mp3s to sites and getting their name on whatever bill they could. To be selected, it definitely helps to have at least two of the following:

- already be signed to a major label – This automatically means you can’t be a total flop, since the major label that cops ads for the magazine will benefit from the partnership of having their new signee appear credible. More Freshmen selected from a label, more ads from the label.

- hype – You don’t have to actually be talented to be selected as next. How else can you explain artists like Machine Gun Kelly, Yelawolf, Iggy Azalea, Lil’ Twist, and OJ Da Juiceman getting an honor that artists like Stimuli, Skyzoo, and Vado couldn’t get?

- come from a hip-hop family – Sorry, Diggy Simmons, but this goes for you. While you’re not a terrible rapper, there’s also nothing besides your bloodline that separates you from everyone else. Oh, and that Atlantic deal.

- don’t be a chick – Out of 50 rappers selected as up-and-coming, only one female has been selected, and it is the untalented and nowhere-to-be-found Iggy Azalea. Nicki Minaj? Nope. Drake? Nope. If XXL had been doing their job, they would have featured those cats before they got as big as they did. Nitty Scott? Nope. Boog Brown? Nope.

- don’t be a producer – For some reason producers don’t seem to count, even though they’re, in my opinion, the most essential element in creating quality hip-hop. No Lex Luger or Harry Fraud takes away from whatever credibility these lists are supposed to have.

XXL also plays it incredibly safe in picking ten new artists each year. It’s pretty hard to pick the one or two artists that will really blow, but when you take ten and hope that one or two of them blow up on a national level and the rest can be mildly successful, which in 2013 terms seems to be dropping a couple of free mixtapes that get picked up by a couple of blogs, then everything worked out.

This year they’re also giving fans the illusion of helping to choose the 2013 class. Some obvious choices this year include Joey Bada$$ and Action Bronson, but seeing as how neither one will probably be copping any ads this year from a major album, I would be shocked if they made it. They need a white guy, so Action’s got the best chance, plus they’ll probably have him holding a spatula or some other kitchen utensil. If they pick both, it would be great for hip-hop and blow my whole theory to shreds.

In order for these lists to have credibility, a few things need to change. First, stop selecting so many. I’d say no more than four rappers and two producers. Second, don’t base it on major label affiliations or co-signs, but on actual talent. No one from G.O.O.D. Music has dropped an album I’d consider worth copping, yet every act Kanye signs gets the nod. Base the selections on actual talent and doing that will require them to do a little more homework and a little less catering to the major labels and relying on the safe options.

Wais P and Action Bronson Been Pimping Since Pimping Been Pimping


As NYC’s favorite panderer Wais P inches closer to the December 27th release date of his forthcoming mixtape PV$$Y RICH, the Brooklyn veteran shares the wealth with Flushing’s Action Bronson on “Staten Island Ferry.” Produced by Sebb (Kool G Rap, Prodigy, Tony Yayo, Big Noyd), the crosstown duo chef up a pimped out banger that’s as lyrical as it is comical.

“As soon as we get off the f*ckin’ boat, have someone there ready to make the ceviche for my man” -Action Bronson

ACTIoN BRoNSoN, RIFF RAFF & DANA CoPPAFEEL Get Props For Referencing A Charlie Sheen Masterpiece

Action Bronson- Dad of the Year

Action Bronson Makes A Very Uncontroversial Statement

Area Code Shout Out Time!

Nina B, Skyzoo and Action Bronson team up to salute the “718”! Taken from Nina B’s forthcoming LP collaboration with DJ Jazzy Joyce, “Titles Are Played Out” which will be released on August 21, 2012.

Michael Bey Would Really Dig Meyhem Lauren

Meyhem Lauren feat. Action Bronson and Heems – Special Effects

Hommage à L’arme fatale

Word to Mel and Danny!

Action Bronson Tweets The Best Dating Site Headline Ever

<---- Sucker for Love wit Easy Dick

Mixtape Download; Action Bronson- Blue Chips

As a thank you to the fans who have supported him throughout his hip-hop journey, fast rising emcee Action Bronson has teamed up with artist, producer and fellow Queens resident Party Supplies for a full-length collaborative project, Blue Chips.

Blue Chips is presented by Complex and Reebok. All tracks were produced by Party Supplies and in addition to mic work from the always original Bronson, rhymes come from guest features Roc Marciano, Meyhem Lauren and Kool AD.

01.Pouches Of Tuna ft. Roc Marciano
02.Steve Wynn
03.Tan Leather
04.Double Breasted
05.Thug Love Story 2012
06.Hookers At The Point
08.Ron Simmons
09.Expensive Pens ft. Meyhem Lauren
11.Arts & Leisure ft. Kool AD
12.Intercontinental Champion
13.5 Minute Beats 1 Take Raps
14.Blue Chips
15.103 And Roosy

Download Here

Action Bronson Schools Us On The Way Of Hookers

With the most intriguing collaboration since Public Enemy & Anthrax, Action Bronson & Party Supplies have crafted a hypnotic joint that takes us to the streets of Hunts Point in 1993. Inspired by the classic HBO documentary of the same name, Action offers up a shocking first hand account from the stunted lives of streetwalkers: Cyndi, a prostitute addicted to crack, Silk, a violent, misogynistic pimp and Ramón, a former athlete turned junkie. Directed by Rik Cordero.

Cormega, Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, and Saigon Prove That Dreams Do Come True

Just look at this lineup! Mega, Action, Roc, and Sai over a bonkers Large Pro beat? Is this heaven?

Action Bronson Pays Homage To A Different Sort Of Classic

BamBam Bronson

Meyhem Lauren Interview

You had a great run in 2011, where you dropped a lot of quality music and seemed to have your fanbase grow exponentially. Would you say it was a breakthrough year for you?

Yeah, I would say. The reason is I got the solo project out and made a lot of noise running around with Bronson and hosting the J-Love mixtape. I’ve been getting a lot of love from different angles.

Why do you think more fans started paying more attention to you?

Just consistency. I always had a certain group of people but now there’s more angles. You fan base gets you and more people talk to more people and it starts to form together.

Anyone who’s followed J-Love’s mixtapes and the Outdoorsman movement knows your music, which you’ve dropped consistently for years. Was it ever frustrating putting out so much music and not getting the recognition for it?

Nah. When you put out anything, people catch up at different times. Some people jump on it right away, others jump on it later. That’s what’s happening. Everything’s happening, actually, the way I saw it. People hit me every day about records from a year ago. It’s brand new to them. It’s all out there and let people absorb it on their own time. It’s all good. People might hear something tomorrow they like and with the internet, they’ll start doing some research and find all kinds of dope material out there.

Your solo album, Self-Induced Illness, was a great album. Were you happy with how that did?

Truthfully, it moved steadily. It moves well. Whatever it was doing when it first dropped, it’s still being consistent. It’s a reminder to me that new people keep finding out about me. A lot of independent artists, they tell me, when they put something out, the first month or two or first quarter, they get the most amount of sales but with me, it’s been steady. People are rocking with us, so that’s a good thing.

You made that a double disc too. Why go that route?

There were a whole lot of people that were checking for me from the start. Disc one is all new, fresh material and disc two was half new joints, half older joints that I put out that I figured I’d throw out to people who didn’t know. It was the first go-around where you let people really get to know me.

What’s been some of the better moments that’s happened for you since Self-Induced Illness dropped?

I’ve got a lot more shows since the album dropped. A lot more dates, doing a lot more shows, which is definitely a plus, and just more love in general. The response has been good. It’s put me on a different platform, for sure. I’d been doing this for awhile but I didn’t have an album of my own. I had songs on other people’s albums and mixtapes, but putting out an album, and a double-album, I feel like people kind of understood, like, ‘All right, this cat is for real.’

What’s your song-making process like?

It varies on the topic. I don’t do everything the same. Every song is not three 16s and two hooks. Sometimes I just want to go in and black out and sometimes I want to talk about a concept that takes more time and say things clearly. It varies.

You’re working on an album with Buckwild now. How’s that coming?

It’s in the real early stages. It’s dope. It’s what you’d expect. It’s real hip-hop, classic New York sound with the beats and rhymes. It’s coming along well.

How did the album even come about?

That actually came about through Dante, Dante Ross. Dante was actually managing me for a couple of months. I would come through and I would rock shows and Dante would ask me about my management situation so he was managing me and one of the first things he told me was that he was close friends with Buckwild and he thought I was dope. I grew up on Buckwild so for me to hear that was dope! I didn’t even know Buckwild knew who I was. Me and him made everything official with him managing me and Bronson. He wanted to set it up with me and Buck and just do it. That’s how it started.

Are you recording everything together or sending files back and forth?

Well, we started. He sent me one beat through email and I wrote something crazy to that. But we’re basically doing it the old school way, going to the lab together, writing joints, really doing this together. It’s not just like he’s emailing me a bunch of beats. We’re doing it in the flesh. That’s how it’s going down.

Will we hear this in 2012?

Early. That’s the first thing I plan on dropping, early this year. Hopefully in the next two or three months, it should be wrapped.

Are you working on a solo album?

The Buckwild project, that kind of came out of the blue with Dante. But I was already working on an album called Every Day is Thanksgiving. I’ve been working on that for awhile and that’s gonna be crazy. I got some of J-Love’s best production ever and it’s featuring Large Pro and Ayatollah. Just Blaze got me on something for that project. Me and Just have been really cool for a long time. We’ve been building for when the time is right for him to help me out with something. Earlier I didn’t even want to bother him with something but with this project, he’s got me. He’s been a man of his word since I’ve known him so you can definitely expect a Just Blaze joint on that album. It’s gonna be really, really, really crazy. I’m not gonna go in too much on the features. It’s just gonna be me and a couple members from the fam. But that should be coming out at the end of the year. Look for the Buckwild project relatively soon and then I’m gonna try and end the year with this Every Day is Thanksgiving LP.

You’ve worked with Large Pro through the J-Love projects. What’s it like having him on your album though?

Yeah. This is actually the first track he’s produced for me. I’ve been on his tracks, but this track is crazy. It’s going to be in the stash until the end of the year. Hopefully I hit them with some real good projects this year. I got some shows lined up for Europe and got a lot of shows in SXSW. We’re just going to keep the ball moving.

You’ve also got a project in the works with Action Bronson. How’s that coming?

That’s also in the early stages. Me and Action are finishing it. We’re just working on it as we find time to do it. It’s not really rushed. We find time to go to the lab and knock a couple of joints out. That probably won’t be done this year, probably more like next year. We’re hanging out and it’s fun. People think we just rhyme together or we met through music. That’s my man from 12 years-old. We’re childhood friends. We’re not even looking at it like it’s a project. We’re hanging out, knocking some rhymes out, and stack X amount and put the best joints out and hit ‘em in the head with a classic.

Action Bronson’s been a part of the movement for awhile and he had a breakout year last year. What do you think helped him get noticed?

The consistency, man. It’s quality and consistency. Those are the two words to describe how to really grind and get your presence know. You put out dope projects consistently. A lot of people think he hasn’t put out enough music yet but he put out four projects last year! He was just consistently dope. How could you front on that? It was dope and he worked hard.

What has J-Love meant to your career?

I started this with J-Love. It’s been extremely valuable having him. He’s the person who taught me how to write bars. Before he was even doing his MC thing, when I first hollered at him for beats, he was breaking down how to write songs and all that. He basically put me on to the whole game. He was a person I knew before music. We hung out with mutual friends and working with people like J and Action is cool because we had relationships before music.

What’s your favorite dish from Action Bronson?

I don’t know. He’s a champion, man. I never had anything bad that he cooked, to be honest. The lamb chops are real crazy. He makes different pastas and different sandwiches. It’s cool. Me and Action got close in junior high school. Me and him took cooking for two reasons. One, we liked to cook and two, all the girls were in cooking, so we already knew what time it was. That’s the class where we really became friends. We’ve been cooking together since we were kids. It’s funny.

Will you cater your own album release party?

Why would we call somebody else?

Makes sense. What are your specialties?

I do a lot of baking and sautés. I try not to fry things too much. I’m also heavy with the lamb chops and soups. My chicken soup is crazy. The beef stew. Things like that.

The ladies never get tired of that.

Not at all. It lets them know we don’t really need them because we cook better than them anyway. They love us a little more because they know that’s not gonna keep us!

Any new dishes you want to master?

Nah, not really. But you know, I’m might just buy a new cookbook or turn on the cooking channel. I just don’t have time for anything right now.

Who are your favorite chefs?

I like [Marco] Batali a lot. I was up on Emeril early, before he got all the hype. I remember when he was in a basement cooking. I really like Batali and Emeril the best. What’s the blond guy’s name?

Guy Fieiri?

Yeah, he gets it in too. I respect his chef game.

You’re also known for your Polo game. What’s your collection looking like today?

It’s not as crazy as it was. I still got a lot of pieces. At this point, it’s almost like I didn’t lose the enthusiasm. It’s a way of life and what I wear. 90% of what I have is Polo. I still have a lot of classics. I got rid of some of my pieces because I got big over the years and I don’t like to just hold onto them. I got so many friends and family that’s into the whole ‘Lo thing that I downsized. I traded or sold it and even gave mad pieces away. I got a lot of the new shit. The big and tall collection is real crazy. I still have 20-50 of the classic items in the stash and I pull them out here and there. It’s dope.

Who is the future of New York hip-hop?

Maffew Ragazino, Shaz Ill York, Spit Gemz…Honestly, right now, this is the best up-and-coming line-up I’ve seen in a minute. You’ve got the whole Outdoorsman team. You’ve got us. I like Smoke DZA. He’s got some heat. There’s a lot of up-and-coming dudes from New York coming up right now and I’m happy to be a part of it. Jay Steele is coming out and he’s really no joke. He’s working on a mixtape right now. He’s my brother, like my physical brother. He’s got a bunch of joints with me and Bronson on them and Coroner. J-Love’s on some. Coroner’s stepping up. He’s working on a mixtape and an album right now. He’s recording like a beast. People know him for his features. He’s been on me and Action’s joints and J-Love’s mixtapes. Look for Jay Steele and Coroner to step up this year.

What’s your role in New York hip-hop right now?

Really, I feel like it’s just playing the position I’ve been playing, being consistent with it, putting out dope things. If I come across another MC or producer that I’m on the same page as I am, I like to introduce people and let’s all build towards the bigger picture.


Action Bronson Actually Makes Justin Bieber Listenable

Just in time for the holidays, here is the greatest remix/beat jacking ever!

Justin Beiber and Action Bronson- Mistletoe remix

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Statik Selektah, Action Bronson, Termanology, and Bun B Gurantee Perpetual Excitement

Music from Statik Selektah’s ‘Population Control’ album out now on Showoff / Duck Down Music.

Action Bronson Continues To Cook Up That Hottness

Dope piece on Action Bronson from The Montreal Mirror:

“Speaking by phone from iconic Left Coast producer the Alchemist’s Los Angeles home, Queens, NY-bred rapper Action Bronson—one of 2011’s most unanimously embraced emerging underground hip hop acts—is quite audibly miles from home.

“I’m just lampin’ right now on the beach, smokin’ a joint,” he says breezily. “It’s beautiful over here, it’s like 70. It’s prime weather. In New York, it’s fuckin’ snowing right now, I just heard.”

True to his name, though, he’s not on holiday down there.

“I’m not even sure what day it is. I’m locked in right now, I’m locked the fuck in on some music shit. Being at this guy’s house is some next shit. It’s just like, wake up, eat, rap, sleep, shit, rap, you know? The wind (here) hits you differently. You inhale different. It’s like a load is off, you’re so laid back, you can just work.”

His first album, Dr. Lecter, is one of the most talked-about rap records of the year, with his love for hip hop, haute cuisine, ladies and ganja being the order of the day.

A chef by trade, Bronson—who only began rhyming three years back—now complements a lifetime in the kitchens of NYC with this promising new career path. A collabo record with Boston production maven Statik Selektah drops mid-month, while the Alchemist project is nearly complete. Globe-trotting is, as a result, his newfound passion.

“It’s an amazing thing. If anything comes from this rap, I can just travel the world. Like, I really don’t give a fuck, ’cause I can do other things, but travelling the world is something that is obviously great if someone pays for it, and fucking pays you to come there. That’s the most important to me. I’ve been outta the country before but not like this.”

Son of an Albanian ex-pat father and a “Brooklyn Jew” mom, Bronson’s sound was forged in hip hop’s front yard, but he doesn’t pay much mind to the new stuff, other than to mention New York’s upcoming talent with a nod of respect.

“I listen to the same shit that I been listening to since the 90s. No new albums have really come out that, like, hit me. Actually, I haven’t bought an album in years. The last one I bought was the second Raekwon album, the Purple Tape, Part Two.”

Much has been made of Bronson’s knack for referencing fine foods in rhyme, but he assures would-be listeners that the buzz he creates is no mere gimmick, offering a live show as his piece de resistance.

“I’m actually most comfortable on stage. My breath is perfect,” says the mic phenom. “I don’t usually rhyme with a hype man or anything like that. I just let everyone hear it raw. The shit is impeccable. I pride myself on the show. If I don’t put on a good show, I’m upset at myself.

“I’d rather be somewhere fuckin’ serving a guy some beautiful cuisine,” he admits. “But the rapping skills, they precede themselves, and the cooking skills do the same thing. So it’s not a gimmick.”

“And you know, if you don’t like it, I dunno what to tell you. You wanna fuckin’ challenge me to an Iron Chef match, you can do that.”

Action Bronson Reminds Us Again Why He Is The Man

Qualified chef-turned-rapper from Queens, New York, newcomer Action Bronson has built up a loyal following since he decided to leave the kitchen for a recording studio only 18 short months ago. However, the man Rolling Stone Magazine recently called the “Artist to Watch” didn’t stray too far from the kitchen, as he is well known for rapping about his culinary delights. Action’s experiences lend a unique flavour to his rhymes, where you’ll find witty mentions of duck prosciutto, Tunisian olives, smoked brisket and other delicacies along with vivid imagery of a modern-day Viking pillaging his way across New York.

Action recently linked up with Producer Statik Selektah, and a couple tracks turned into a whole project. What do you get when you combine one of the best Producers in the game and one of the best upcoming lyricists? Action Bronson & Statik Selektah call it Well Done.

Well Done will be released on November 22nd courtesy of DCide Records

Action Bronson & Statik Selektah f/Nina Sky “Cocoa Butter”
value=""> Action Bronson & Statik Selektah “Cocoa Butter” feat Nina Sky by

Action Bronson Is Anti-Social

Just touched sown in Dallas I hate Fuckin people
BamBam Bronson


As long as Action Bronson and the Outdoorsmen continue to put out dope music, it’s all good that he’s a little anti-social!

I Feel Dirty For Liking This…

This song is serious serious fire but the song title is mad disturbing! Should I feel guilty for feeling this? Maybe. Is it stopping me? Not one bit!

Nickel Plated feat. Action Bronson – Raped & Smothered (Prod. by Nickel Plated)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Action Bronson Gets His Murder On… In A New Video

Action Bronson is one of the nicest cats out right now for real. Peep out his new video for his track “Brunch” off that Dr. Lecter album. Cop that!