Tamppa Tuesdays Continues!


Check out this second installment of Tamppa Tuesdays, courtesy of the one and only Tamppa!

Tamppa feat. Wordsmith and CuzOh Black – You Can Be


CuzOh! Black And Wordsmith Mutilate The Mic


Damn! New fire from the family CuzOh! Black and Wordsmith combining forces to mutilate the mic in merciless fashion!

Watch As CuzOh! Black Keeps It Mad Mad Real

Here is the first video off of the the homie CuzOh! Black’s “Everybody’s Favorite Cousin.” Pure fire and if you haven’t peeped it yet, download Here

Wordsmith Journal Entry #8

Wordsmith Journal Entry #8

Today’s journal is an open letter to my cousin “CuzOH Black” and his present/future fans. I’ve had the privilege of watching my cousin go from just a HipHop lover to an actual musician. Heck, I remember the first time he spit something for me and it ended up being a running joke we laughed about for many months (“My Life is in my own hands”, cuz you’ll laugh at that line). Though my cousins initial dream was not to be a musician he has become very good over the past 6 years. I’m thankful he was able to watch my continued rise as a songwriter, performer & business man because it prepared him for his 1 st release.

The title “Everybody’s Favorite Cousin” is genius to me because it goes deeper than just the title. I think most artists want their music to resonate with the blue collar people of this world, so when I think about the title it says to me my cousin wants you to view his music and him in general as someone you can confide in during the good and bad times. Sometimes we use music to mimic our current moods and CuzOH manages to deliver songs for any mood you’re in throughout his 8 track EP.

Opening with a cut called “A Dedicated Intro” you will notice my cousin is what you call a true spitter, which is rare these days. Hailing from NY, it must be in his blood because in my opinion if you’re from the Mecca of HipHop you better be able to spit. “Marvelous Motivation” comes next and this was a cut I heard a while back from my cuz, but to me it was one of those tracks that showed his transition into a songwriter. My cousin was kind of hit or miss when it came to hooks or bridges throughout the years (He will tell you the same), so finding his niche in that department was big for him. We discussed it and I let him know it was the most complete song I had heard from him to date. Don’t get me wrong he has dropped some heat, but when you have seen someone grow over the past 6 years you notice changes like this. “Spread Love” and “Party in the Left Wing” featuring some guy that claims to have a classic flow (lol) hit your eardrums next. To me these are the party records of the EP and they do a good job of picking up the pace after two records with slower BPM’s. “Life on the Fly”, “Exotic Touch”, “No Winter Coat”, and “A Graphic Ending” are the meat and potatoes of this EP. Why? Because all those cuts are deep and show CuzOH isn’t afraid to have some depth in his music.

My personal favorites are “No Winter Coat” and “A Graphic Ending”; both are just plain good music with a message, which is my forte. I fully endorse this project not because CuzOH! Black is my cousin, but because it’s a good project overall. I think my cousin knows I am very blunt and up front, so if I didn’t feel this EP was ready I wouldn’t have let him release it until he nailed it. This is a solid debut that should be killing people’s ipods for the next few weeks and I would like to thank everyone who will be hitting the download button after reading this.


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EP Download: CuzOH! Black- Everybody’s Favorite Cousin

We all have a cousin that is more then just family, but a great friend as well. The ability to have unconditional love towards those who have suffered when you suffered & rejoiced when you found success becomes an invaluable resource. Imagine if the cousin I am talking about has a unique way to reach all his family at one time, no matter where they live, you would think I’m joking. Well…I happen to be one of the lucky few to visit my cousin recently and he asked me to spread a message to any and everyone I know…so I set up this download link. If your receiving this email my cousin CuzOH! Black would like to say he will be more then happy to be your favorite cousin, here is your invitation.

Everybody’s Favorite Cousin Is Coming To Town Soon…


On November 13th Hempstead, NY’s CuzOH! Black will release his debut EP, “Everybody’s Favorite Cousin”, via WeGoinin.com.  Full of heartfelt lyricism inspired by real life events CuzOH will make you feel like you knew him for many years; hence the title. Featured guests include his cousin Wordsmithand Double Up Entertainment’s Paul Rivers Baily, while the production is handled by JS Aka The Best, Benny Rome, Capish, Street Level & Moe Productions.

Whether it’s “No Winter Coat”, “A Graphic Ending or “Marvelous Motivation”, CuzOH! Black shows some good range as an artist and does a great job taking the listener on a journey through reality/fantasy at times. We have to thank CuzOH! for making a project that will suit the needs of hardcore HipHop fans and commercial fans alike; something he has been chipping away at for the past few years.

Hardly new to the scene, CuzOH! Black originally went by the name “Black Knight” and is the only other artist signed to Wordsmith’s independent label NU Revolution Entertainment LLC. His track record spans 6 years appearing on all of Wordsmith’s Mixtapes along with his solo albums and collabo project with HipHop legend Chubb Rock called “Bridging the Gap.” Needless to say he is prepared to reach another level musically and rep is hometown of New York.

Raised in Hempstead CuzOH! Black already has an uphill battle as a rapper in the increasingly flooded mecca of HipHop saying, “with all the MC’s in NY it was important for me to stand out. I felt like it was important for me to tell a different story though I come from the same struggle as my neighbors. I needed to create a sound that represented the vast experiences I collected over the years.”

CuzOH! Black’s goal of becoming your favorite cousin will soon be realized when he becomes a household name or you invite him to live in your guest room to record his next project!

Everybody’s Favorite Cousin will be available November 13th, 2012

CuzOh! Black Drops The REALNESS!

Second release from the upcoming EP “EVERYBODY’S FAVORITE COUSIN” ONLINE NOVEMBER 13th, 2012

These days it seems the value of life is dropping at its fastest rate, when you look around their are fewer people that you can trust, the world is going through un-explainable geographical changes for the worst. Modern Day Racism, War, Gas Prices, etc.. Its all enough to drive you to the edge….But will you jump?

CuzOh! Black On The Influence Mixtape Radio Show

In this week’s episode we have CuzOH! Black (Long Island, Nu Revolution Ent.) to talk about his upcoming project ‘Everybody’s Favorite Cousin’, dropping on November 13th. Also, joining us from the road, David Dallas (Duck Down, New Zealand) gives us a ring to let us know how tour is going (he’s currently touring with DJ Ease, Yonas and Aer), the inspiration behind ‘Buffalo Man’, making the cross-over from New Zealand to the states and he mentions his favorite things about being in the U.S.

Peep It Here

CuzOH! Black Is Feeling The Chill

We Goin IN is excited to present to you “No Winter Coat”, the first release off CuzOH!’s upcoming EP titled “Everybody’s Favorite Cousin” which will be dropping November 13th, 2012. Stay Tuned!!

CuzOH! Black – No Winter Coat (Produced By Moe Productions)

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CUZOH! BLACK Gets After Party On

It’s all good to be In-love, and to have that special somebody , But when you are single, some nights you are just looking for some fun AKA The After Party.

CuzOH! Black Is Feeling Low

They say, when it rains it pours.. At these moments you might feel like you just have down bad luck or, your just a plain ole’ Victim Of The Lows…..

CuzOH! Black Has The Prescription For Better Living

New fire from our fam CuzOH! Black featuring the homie Wordsmith!

CuzOh! Black and Wordsmith Cannot Be Broken!

Our fam CuzOh! Black and Wordsmith drop some new heat for the people!

CuzOH! Black – Never Break Me Down Feat.Wordsmith (Produced by Street Level)

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Awkword Orchestrates Another Ill Collabo

Check out the newest single off AWKWORD’s DJBooth.net-sponsored 100% for-charity global Hip Hop project World View, “Requiem”, a catchy frat party track with the worst of tragic undertones, featuring guest 16s from underground mainstay SoulStice and up-and-comers Ess Vee and CuzOH! Black, backed by a booming beat from Susan Sarandon’s #1 fan ATG. (Additional vocals provided by Mark Deez and Australia’s J. Daniels.)

CuzOh Black Reps For The Youth

Shouts to the homie CuzOh Black for this one!