Dope Posse Reps For The Third Eye

Visionaries (artwork)

Monster of a new posse cut depicts the 3rd eye awareness with verses from M-Dot, Jaysaun (Special Teamz), Nutso, Block McCloud (AOTP), Blacastan (DGZ), B.A.M, Chaundon (Justice League), Tribeca & Shabaam Sahdeeq
(Cuts by DJ Family Tyz) (Produced By DJ Low Cut)

Reef Ali, DJ Grazzhoppa, And Friends Promote The Best Therapy Ever

Smut Therapy (Flier)

Producer/DJ team Reef Ali & DJ Grazzhoppa, give the first leak off their forthcoming mixtape You Asked For It.

The single “Smut Therapy” brings MC’s Ras Kass, M-Dot & Cymarshall Law together to discuss women’s ‘loose’ tendencies.

Mixtape: M-Dot – Layer Cake (FIRE!)

Download the fire flames here!

M-Dot Interview


Your new mixtape, Layer Cake, is almost finished and you’re going to Europe on a 33 day tour. You must be busy right now.

It’s crazy. For me to even do half the stuff is like a dream come true and I’m really, really proud to even have the opportunity to be flown around the world. I can’t stress that enough. I never imagined that I’d be able to do shows in Slovakia and other places. They just have a real love for hip-hop out there. Shout out to All Systems Go, they’re booking the tour. I’m going to be doing shows with Slaughterhouse, the homie Saigon, and El Da Sensei. Some of the shows I’m going to be doing myself but I’m really lucky the music I put out has drawn a broad scope of fans. The tape is almost done and hopefully I can have it pressed before I leave, not just for the internet. It actually has to be done before I leave.

What stands out to you about Layer Cake?

To me, it’s a new vision as far as I’m stepping away from doing the acronym series, like Making Doubters Over Think. It’s a new project and it’s the closest thing to me to an album since it’s going to be all original production and it’s something cool for me too because Layer Cake has a lot of meaning. On something like a wedding cake, you’re going up the rungs, rising up. It’s a mafia term too. It’s a metaphor for what I’m working on. Even though I’m moving up, there are just so many more to go.

Do you look at your music as being layered as well?

That’s the biggest metaphor, probably. There’s many layers to my music. I don’t have just a certain genre. I can fit into different styles and I think there can be different layers from the hardcore music to the funny to the conscious. I can do features with Hell Rell and Big Shug but also do something with 7L. I think that’s where the layering comes from.

Where does the versatility come from?

Not wanting to be in a box. I see dudes plateau and that’s what they are. It’s awesome to have a genre and that’s what you can do to have dedicated, loyal fans, because they like you, but if you want to expand as a person and you love music, you want to produce a beat that can be funky or soulful or you can sing a chorus. You can try different stuff. You want to always advance and get better.

How have you improved over the years?

Through dedication, man. I’m never happy with anything. I don’t even like sending older songs anymore. People ask if I can perform an old song and it drives me crazy because I feel like I can always be better now. I want to perfect my craft, the flows, metaphors. Every level of it, I want it to be perfect. A lot of people get comfortable and that’s not a knock. I want to be bigger than that. People like Krumb Snatcha is my big brother and AOTP and Snow Goons have been great. I’m not just stuck to doing one thing. I can try out different stuff in a way that fans will still hear what I’ve done before. I can make all types of records in an artistic way. J. Cole is doing that in a really good way right now. It’s fresh and it’s not too overboard. Even someone like a Mos Def, someone like that. It’s not like they have big commercial hits, but it can be acceptable, like “Oh No,” with Pharoahe Monch and Nate Dogg.

You’re still working on what you would consider to be your debut solo album. How’s that coming?

My everything is in this. It’s one of the best production line-ups I’ve ever had. I’m lucky to have all these guys. I want to really wait to release it. I want to have the right attention and the right focus for people to be knowing my music before I release it. I want to have Layer Cake and a couple of collab CDs I’m doing come out and I want to have the people be tuned in at least enough to get it. There might not even be one feature on it.

I want to do something with my music on it. Everywhere I go, I’m the most known unknown rapper. I’m on every blog, I’m touring, I’m on so many different albums, I’m on every guest appearance, but there’s nothing like, ‘Damn, that’s M-Dot’s record right there.’ I want to have something for myself. I’ve been flooded with so many features and that’s not a bad thing. I just want to do a solo record that’s more my individual music. I don’t just want something to be a 16 and a guest appearance. I want to have my message on the record. I’ve worked so hard to get to this point and I want people to realize that with anything, not just rap, you can get to anywhere. You can’t get pissed about someone not playing your or posting you. You have to stay at it. You can’t get mad at a show having ten people. You have to still perform. You have to stay with it. You can’t take off a year. You have to basically take your bumps and bruises.

And it’s crazy. I’m visiting a friend in Ohio and J. Rawls hit me up, so you might be hearing something with me and him.

You’ve done a lot of collaborations throughout your career. What are some of your favorites?

This new track I did with Tribeca and Camp Lo is really dope. To be featured by them, they’re doing a whole CD together, that was a real fun one. We’re going to shoot a video to that. There are so many dope records. I feel like there’s no one I haven’t worked with and that’s not being said in a bad way. There’s so many dope artists but that’s definitely one of them. I also did a record way back with Freestyle from The Arsonists when we toured Europe. He featured me and Wordsworth on it. It’s called “Struggle.” That’s a real serious record for me because it has a real serious message to it. Another track I was happy to be a part of was my brother from the same neighborhood, Explizit One, who has produced on Edo’s albums, featuring me and Big Pooh. It was years ago and it was called “No Surrendering.”

What do you expect from fans when you go overseas?

It’s a different type of love over there. They’re more into the boom-bap. They really enjoy the live performance. It’s not about thirty rappers who pay to perform like it is here and people come for certain acts and leave for others. In Europe, they come to shows and stay there. There’s dope shows in America, but I think there’s a lot more dope shows in Europe because they’re a lot more hungry for that underground hip-hop. I have two kids and that’s probably the worst part about going out there, being away from my kids, but it’s my job and it’s something I have to do and something I love to do. I sacrifice that but I get to be in front of all these people who might be fans of my music.

We Love When Tribeca And Friends Lie To Us

Bronx veteran Tribeca brings into the studio the legendary duo of Camp Lo, along with rising Boston MC M-Dot for this new leak “True Lies” (off Tribeca’s The Pookie Syndrome mixtape: dropping over the summer). What stands out on this high energy conceptual track, is the pass-off verse/ad-lib feel which carries all the way through (rarely seen in an internet age of send-in verses). Music video COMING SOON

Somehow I Wouldn’t Trust These Guys With A Scapel

Though I don’t trust them to actually perform the surgery which is the namesake of this song, I do trust the rappers on this joint to drop a heater. This is just raw spitting at its finest. Respect the real.

M-Dot, Virtuoso, King Magnetic, V.Knuckles (of NBS), Singapore Kane, Red Eye, E’Flash (of NBS) – Open Heart Surgery (produced by Snowgoons)

Rappers Aim To Inflict Pain To the Point Of Us Giving Up

Here’s the video for a dope track by M-Dot & DJ Jean Maron featuring Big Shug. Get hype for the morning!

Rapper Makes Those Of A Skeptical Bent Pontificate To Excess Degree

M-Dot, winner of the 2010 Boston Music Awards’ “Hip-Hop Artist of the Year” and the Boston Phoenix’ “Best Hip Hop Act” of 2010, drops his new mixtape. The track list looks ill!

01. My Letter to Hip Hop [prod. Sandro]
02. No Turning Back [prod. Confidence]
03. Remorseless [prod. Alegory] (Scratches by DJ Family Tyz)
04. No Money Down [prod. Pauly Fingaz]
05. The Real & the Raw (Remix) (ft. Jaysaun) [prod. Snowgoons]
06. No Surrendering (ft. Big Pooh) [prod. Explizit One] (Scratches by DJ Family Tyz)
07. Run For Cover (Remix) (ft. Tek, Grand Agent & Billy Danze) [prod. The Visiting]
08. Believe Now (ft. EMS (Desco, Strick 9 & Rev) [prod. Skammadix] (Additional vocals by Olivia Pierson)
09. The Go Getter (Remix) [prod. Pauly Fingaz]
10. Entrance 4
11. I’m ILL Russell
12. East Coast Points (ft. King Magnetic, Chaundon, & Cymarshall Law) [prod. Reckonize Real] (Scratches by ToneDeff Cutz)
13. You Don’t Know About It (Remix) (ft. Masta Ace) [prod. The Visiting]
14. Eleven Fourteen (ft. Boycott Blues, Tribeca & Easy Money) [prod. Explizit One] (Scratches by DJ Family Tyz)
15. Heart of the City (Freestyle)
16. Gotta Be (ft. Krumb Snatcha) [prod. Teddy Roxpin] (Scratches by DJ Diverse)
17. Brain Tumors (ft. Reef the Lost Cauze & Bekay) [prod. Reef Ali] (Scratches by DJ Grazzhoppa]
18. Vein Insertion
19. Hate on Me (ft. Krumb Snatcha) [prod. Snowgoons]
20. Struggle (ft. Freestyle & Wordsworth) [prod. Abnormal]
21. Full Circle [prod. Kore]
22. Shut Down (ft. Krumb Snatcha) [prod. DJ Don Chito]
23. G’d Up (ft. Seven & Dre Robinson) [prod. Pauly Fingaz]
24. Self Reflection [prod. Pauly Fingaz]

M-Dot – Making Doubters Over Think