Tamppa Tuesdays Continues!


Check out this second installment of Tamppa Tuesdays, courtesy of the one and only Tamppa!

Tamppa feat. Wordsmith and CuzOh Black – You Can Be


CuzOh! Black And Wordsmith Mutilate The Mic


Damn! New fire from the family CuzOh! Black and Wordsmith combining forces to mutilate the mic in merciless fashion!

AWKWORD, Wordsmith, Jasiri X, Jus Daze & Capital X Are Notorious



On the latest single off AWKWORD’s forthcoming DJBooth-sponsored 100% for-charity global Hip Hop project World View, up-and-coming Australian producer Amin PaYnE re-flips the original Duran Duran “Notorious” sample for a song inspired by the stabbings and shootings that took place across the country at the premieres for the Biggie biopic of the same name.

 The brand-new single – heralded by recent Rock & Roll HoF inductee Chuck D of Public Enemy — begins with a vitriolic a-capella intro from raptivist Capital X; follows with AWKWORD’s sneering response to those disturbing events at the premieres; delves deep into the politics of Hip Hop and violence with incredible guest appearances from WordsmithJasiri X and Jus Daze; then closes out with classic quotes from B.I.G., chopped up respectively and with precision from Amin PaYnE.

Wordsmith Gets Live

Watch as our fam Wordsmith performs cuts from his dope album King Noah live.

And if you haven’t yet, Cop That!

Wordsmith Gets DEEP!

“The Limit” is a Song/Video touching on the possibilities of Suicide. Some people are faced with hard choices in their life and end up taking their life rather then finding another option to cope with a current problem. In this particular song finding GOD is the option that saves my life in the video!

Wordsmith Journal Entry #8

Wordsmith Journal Entry #8

Today’s journal is an open letter to my cousin “CuzOH Black” and his present/future fans. I’ve had the privilege of watching my cousin go from just a HipHop lover to an actual musician. Heck, I remember the first time he spit something for me and it ended up being a running joke we laughed about for many months (“My Life is in my own hands”, cuz you’ll laugh at that line). Though my cousins initial dream was not to be a musician he has become very good over the past 6 years. I’m thankful he was able to watch my continued rise as a songwriter, performer & business man because it prepared him for his 1 st release.

The title “Everybody’s Favorite Cousin” is genius to me because it goes deeper than just the title. I think most artists want their music to resonate with the blue collar people of this world, so when I think about the title it says to me my cousin wants you to view his music and him in general as someone you can confide in during the good and bad times. Sometimes we use music to mimic our current moods and CuzOH manages to deliver songs for any mood you’re in throughout his 8 track EP.

Opening with a cut called “A Dedicated Intro” you will notice my cousin is what you call a true spitter, which is rare these days. Hailing from NY, it must be in his blood because in my opinion if you’re from the Mecca of HipHop you better be able to spit. “Marvelous Motivation” comes next and this was a cut I heard a while back from my cuz, but to me it was one of those tracks that showed his transition into a songwriter. My cousin was kind of hit or miss when it came to hooks or bridges throughout the years (He will tell you the same), so finding his niche in that department was big for him. We discussed it and I let him know it was the most complete song I had heard from him to date. Don’t get me wrong he has dropped some heat, but when you have seen someone grow over the past 6 years you notice changes like this. “Spread Love” and “Party in the Left Wing” featuring some guy that claims to have a classic flow (lol) hit your eardrums next. To me these are the party records of the EP and they do a good job of picking up the pace after two records with slower BPM’s. “Life on the Fly”, “Exotic Touch”, “No Winter Coat”, and “A Graphic Ending” are the meat and potatoes of this EP. Why? Because all those cuts are deep and show CuzOH isn’t afraid to have some depth in his music.

My personal favorites are “No Winter Coat” and “A Graphic Ending”; both are just plain good music with a message, which is my forte. I fully endorse this project not because CuzOH! Black is my cousin, but because it’s a good project overall. I think my cousin knows I am very blunt and up front, so if I didn’t feel this EP was ready I wouldn’t have let him release it until he nailed it. This is a solid debut that should be killing people’s ipods for the next few weeks and I would like to thank everyone who will be hitting the download button after reading this.


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Wordsmith Journal Entry #7

Yes, I have taken a long hiatus from writing these journals, but if you follow my Facebook Fan Page you will see I’m constantly spreading my knowledge of the music industry with my fellow indie artists. No I never had anyone hold my hand in this business, but with the type of person I am helping others is as much apart of my musical journey as creating music. Why should it be every man/women for themselves? I mean I’m all about competition being a huge jock growing up, but competition and being selfish are two different things. I appreciate hearing from artists that have taken my advice, implemented it in their careers & saw results. I’m sorry, but I would like to be known for more than just my music; I want my colleagues to remember me as someone that was influential during my time in this game. I have a personal legacy I am building for my kids Zeke & King to carry on, but my music legacy will be defined by my fans & fellow artists.

In other news; I have been blessed to rock some pretty huge venues over the past 2 months. I’ve added Hard Rock Café in Baltimore & Atlanta, Lincoln Theater, DuBurns Arena & more. Why I am I mentioning this because to me it symbolizes a change in my career. Sometimes it’s hard to tell how big your impact is in this flooded industry of artists, so when promoters are reaching out to me to rock venues that some artists may never be able to put on their resume it’s a triumph.

I also like the fact that I get booked for more all genre festivals, conferences, sporting events & club shows because it’s a victory for HipHop, but more importantly tells me these promoters respect me as a musician over a HipHop Artist. It’s crazy that I was in Atlanta playing Hard Rock Café literally the week before the A3C Festival. Billed as the #1 festival for HipHop, it’s a black eye for A3C when you have the promoters behind the Driven Music Conference booking me at Hard Rock as the only HipHop act next to all Rock bands. It’s sad when a rock head like Bram Bessof, owner of Indiemaker.com, sees me perform at Hard Rock Café, yet was at a loss of words on why I was not playing A3C the following week. He even put in a personal call himself to the bookies, but it was too short of notice by that time.

Overall, it was almost like a win/lose situation for me because the respect of artists & tastemakers outside of my genre goes further in my mind then industry heads that only focus on HipHop.

Final shout to 730 and J Pizzle for continuing to let my mouth run wild on their site, no censors needed here fella’s….!!! See ya’ll next week!

“The One with the Classical Flow”

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Wordsmith Gets To The Essence

Wordsmith Gets Nostalgic

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CuzOH! Black Has The Prescription For Better Living

New fire from our fam CuzOH! Black featuring the homie Wordsmith!

It’s Here! Download the WeGoinIN Mixtape Volume One!


Wordsmith Makes Music For Us

“Music for the Masses” Music Video is the B-Side single from Wordsmith’s upcoming “King Noah” Album set to hit stores and online retailers June 19th, 2012.

CuzOh! Black and Wordsmith Cannot Be Broken!

Our fam CuzOh! Black and Wordsmith drop some new heat for the people!

CuzOH! Black – Never Break Me Down Feat.Wordsmith (Produced by Street Level)

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Mixtape Download: Wordsmith- Prelude To The King

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Wordsmith Does What He Does Best

Rip mics of course!

Wordsmith- 8 Track Zoom (Produced by Strada)

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Wordsmith Journal Entry #6


Wordsmith Journal Entry #6

Okay, so I took a one week break from my journal and there was no particular reason as my life turns
like a hamster wheel. Anyway, let’s get started; I’m about 2 and half weeks away from my first trip to
the west coast in 2012. It will be part vacation and part business as I’ll be heading to Vegas first to chill
with my brother and his wife for a few days and then I’ll be off to San Jose, CA for two shows March 9th-
10th to promote my “King Noah” Album. On the 10th of March I’ll be doing a 45 minute in store set at
Streetlight Records, so I’ll pretty much be doing my full album LIVE!!!! This will serve as a sneak peak
for my west coast fans along with getting free promo cd’s of cuts from the album to take home. I have
to shoutout Paige at Streetlight because she has been very on the ball for my arrival and will even be
putting promo cd’s from “King Noah” in customers bags over the next 2 weeks before I hit the stage.
Next month I’ll be back in my hometown of Baltimore at Towson University for a show on April 7th to
promote my album more, but also raising money for cancer research. Doesn’t get any better than that
as I can fulfill two things I love at once; spreading my music to the masses and helping others!

Speaking on my “King Noah” Album some more it has been completed for about 2 months now, but
I had the honor of seeing a retail version already as some of the physical distributors I am talking to
needed a copy to see if they will pick the project up. This is big for me because I think every artist wants
to see there album in stores someday and it kind of validates you more as an artist when you reach
that point. Nothing against having projects out digitally, but I am old school in my thinking, so physically
getting an album in stores will be huge for my Label NU Revolution Entertainment LLC. It’s very tough to
get a distributor to pick up your label/Album in this day and age when good music won’t easily get you
in the doors. You have to put a plan of promotion together for your project and then financially be able
to execute the promotion you laid out to distributors. This isn’t a major label, so most distributors will
not give you a budget at all, they will literally just make sure your product is in every major independent
record store and if you’re lucky enough to have budget money for some Radio and PR large chain stores
like Best Buy, FYE, etc may give you a shot. I’m all about goals and I really want to start building my
physical catalogue up through my NU Revolution Label because there is more money to be made in the
future when you have 20 plus releases under your label.

Do I still want a major record deal; sure, who wouldn’t, but I like having control over every facet of
my company. Artists understand the main thing major labels can do for you is fork over a boatload
of money to make sure your singles, your album, your image is everywhere for the public to see. The
downside is you’re at their mercy and they can straight shelf you if you’re not hot at the moment. I want
to work my label to the point that any major deal I sign in the future will have to be a joint situation
because I’m already successful independently. Guys I look up to on that tip have to be Tech 9 from
Strange Music and Atmosphere from Rhymesayers Entertainment. Yeah they been at it since the 90’s
and there older guys, but they are very relevant today and sell over 100,000 copies of their albums each
time they drop. There are major recording artist who barely break 50,000 copies sold with the machine
behind them. When you hear the phrase grass roots or guerilla marketing it refers to guys like Tech and
Atmosphere whose fan bases will be by their side forever because they are blue collar artists. I should

know something in regards to distribution in 2 weeks, so hopefully the next time I write my journal I’ll be
closing my first physical distribution deal; I believe it’s possible, so it will happen.!

In closing, I’ll keep shouting out my team of CuzOH! Black, DJ Nominal, Strada, Capish, Professa
and Diallo. Keep checking out our new blogger on Revolt Radio Sofia Topsy and make sure you hit
www.revoltradio.com and send music to musicsubmissions@revoltradio.com for airplay/blog posting
via @cuzohblack and @djnominal on twitter.

Final shout to 730 and J Pizzle for continuing to let my mouth run wild on their site, no censors needed
here fella’s….!!! See ya’ll next week!



“The One with the Classical Flow”


Wordsmith Journal Entry #5


Wordsmith Journal Entry #5

After last week’s incident my life has been pretty peaceful on the personal tip. It’s been cool seeing my
son King Noah start moving backwards in his walking chair, clapping and straight cracking up sometimes
when you make funny faces at him. This is my 3rd child I’m seeing grow day by day and it still continues
to amaze me because each child is different. Think about that…you have no clue what gifts God has
given a child or what he/she may become when their born. That itself is a special journey parents get
to take along with their children. Dedicating a full album to King Noah makes it even more special for
me because I know he will have something to reference for the rest of his life. I’m not going to lie I want
King to be proud of me and see his father did some great things during his youthful days. You would
be surprised of the motivation this can bring to a child in the future. I wouldn’t be able to stand being
a father and I didn’t leave some type of legacy for my children, so any sacrifice I make now is strictly to
accomplish my dreams and most of all the future of all my kids.

Now to the music…if you remember my last journal entry I had just got booked to perform in the VIP
lot at the Superbowl. I have to say it was an awesome experience that will stay in my memory banks for
life. I was thankful to have CuzOH! Black and my buddy Dan with me as we started our trek at 4:30AM
Sunday morning to make my 2:30 set in Indy. I think we went through all forms of weather during the
trip with snow, rain, wind and a beautiful sun at times clearing the skies. My CD player had everything
from top movie themes we had to guess (courtesy of Dan), the “King Noah” LP, Radio Singles, freestyles,
unreleased tracks and some CuzOH! Black music. The company of friends/family and good music
definitely made the trip an easy one. Never going to Indianapolis before I was pleased to see the speed
limit was 70 mph most of the time since I drive Nascar style and it was awesome coming into downtown
Indy. We started seeing all the SuperBowl signs and coming up to Lucas Oil Stadium felt like slow motion
in a movie. We passed the lot I was performing in first go round as we didn’t realize I literally would be
performing right across the street from the front gate of the stadium.

Furthermore, talk about being ready at all times; I think as soon as I parked the promoter comes up to
me and says hey we are ready for you; there is a bathroom to change in, let’s do a quick soundcheck
and hit the stage. Funny to me I stepped out of the vehicle with pajama pants on and flip flops, while
walking past people that were probably like who the hell is this guy dressed like that. Don’t worry I
got fresh quick donning one of my trustee Kango hats, did a quick soundcheck and proceeded to kick
my set off with two oldies, but goodies in the form of “The Great,” and “Rock the Crowd.” From there
I debuted several cuts off my “King Noah” album like “Generation X,” “Music for the Masses,” “Eye
for the Spotlight,” “Voice of the World,” “We Do It Better,” “Never Be the Same,” “On my Job,”
and “Globetrotters.” During my set of “Globetrotters,” which I do some theatrics acting like I am
driving a vehicle, a camera from NFL Network came right up to my face and shot some footage, while
a beautiful co-host dressed in red was rocking to my track. By that time several people had come over
to the stage area because you could literally hear the music in several places tailgaters were stationed.
I’m on stage performing and mind is turning as I am seeing people rocking to my material on an NFL
network camera. I have no clue if the footage was LIVE or even aired at all, but I know my stage show is full of energy, theatrical aspects and detailed movements, so it caught the attention of TV, which tells me a lot.

All in all, I felt blessed to be there and it surprised me there were way more Giants fans in Indy then
Patriots fans, so I definitely played off of that during my set. After the show my team and I gave
out a ton of free promo cd’s and the guy who actually paid for the lot I was performing in liked my
performance so much he asked if I would be interested in being booked for some spring events at
the stadium. Okay, okay, I need all my readers to say this with me…1,2,3…GOD IS GOOD! He took my
number and the promoter of the event ends up telling me, “Hey I know I told you guys your parking was
only good for a half and hour before and after your show, but you can stay as long as you want now!!!!”
Wowwwwwwww, that’s what pouring your heart out on stage and being professional does for you. We
took full advantage of that and headed over to “SuperBowl Village” to take in the sites and witness the
biggest event of the year in America.

Memories forever after this show and coincidently we got back home at just about 4:30am Monday
morning and stayed up another hour just to catch the highlights of the Superbowl as we missed it
traveling back. I slept about an hour and half and went straight to work for 8 hours. I told ya’ll, I am a
blue collar man, so despite some of the great things God blesses me with musically I still live in the real
world and feel the pain of the common individual. Even when I reach a high level and achieve my dream
of living off my music I will still be the same man and that’s important to me. Don’t worship celebrities
or idols; there is only one man that truly deserves daily worship and that is GOD; enough said.

In closing, I’ll keep shouting out my team of CuzOH! Black, DJ Nominal, Strada, Capish, Professa
and Diallo. Keep checking out our new blogger on Revolt Radio Sofia Topsy and make sure you hit
www.revoltradio.com and send music to musicsubmissions@revoltradio.com for airplay/blog posting
via @cuzohblack and @djnominal on twitter.

Final shout to 730 and J Pizzle for continuing to let my mouth run wild on their site, no censors needed
here fella’s….!!! See ya’ll next week !

“The One with the Classical Flow”

Wordsmith Journal Entry #4


Wordsmith Journal Entry #4

Before I get to the good news let me start with the bad or maybe I should say unfortunate news. Long story short my EX called the cops on me because I caught her in my neck of the woods with my son King Noah with next to nothing on. I mean I understand Maryland weather changes by the day, but people from my understanding it is Fall/winter right??? Well, I asked her to cover up my son because he had no coat, hat, socks or blanket on and my fear was he was going to get sick; I might be psychic by the way. I don’t think being a caring father means the cops should get a call because you’re lying on the phone telling them I won’t let you leave. Nooooo…I just wanted my son dressed properly, so he wouldn’t catch a serious cold. When it was all said and done the cops told me to go home and kept my EX for questioning because she doesn’t live in Baltimore City like I do, she shouldn’t be collecting WIC in my area and they made her at least put a blanket on King. A Day later my EX tells me my son has Bronchitis, which is his first major illness since he was born last July; I mean he hasn’t even had an ear infection, so I wasn’t happen about this. I’m not trying to put all my personal business out there, but I think part of doing these Journals are to be up front with my fans and let them know I go through the same struggles, blue collar work days and BABY MAMA DRAMA they may experience time to time. Women, you’re not excluded cause us dudes can be just as screwed up when it comes to kids as well; I’m just not one of them!

Okay, enough publicity for my EX, lol. There was a light at the end of tunnel as a promoter named Joel Hutton calls to book me to perform at a Superbowl VIP Tailgating Party this Sunday. Wowwww…say GOD is good with me everyone…1, 2, 3…GOD IS GOOD!!!! It’s a huge opportunity for me, but I was on the fence about doing it because my son King was sick and I have been playing it by ear, but since he has been back with me his health seems to be getting better by the day. I have been sneaking rehearsals in for this show at 4:45am in the morning after my workouts, basically making whatever sacrifice I need to so I am up to my normal standards of showmanship. Did I mention I am a huge Giants fan due to my father raising my brother and I on the G-men growing up. Anyways, I even reached out to my rep at ESPN to see if they can possibly incorporate me in some of their Superbowl promo since I did some major work with them in 2011. Hey, it’s a shot in the dark, but you never know if you don’t ask. Shout to CuzOH! Black and Dan Watcher for making the trip with me to Indianapolis on Sunday; it will be a memorable experience. I continue to be thankful for everything God does for me because as long as I put in the work, pray and give him the glory I’m not shocked when things like this pop up in my life. I don’t get hung up on how many twitter/facebook followers I have either because I have done some major things in my career via myself and God. I see artists with 15,000, 20,000, 30,000 followers, but I never see any music being released, shows or major steps in their careers, so FYI give the twitter trains/bots a rest and rely on real fans, working hard and God to succeed in your careers. SEE YA’LL IN INDY FEBRUARY 5TH!!!!

Okay, okay, still no drop date for my King Noah LP as I await and answer from Fat Beats. I will be shooting the video for “The Limit” on February 11th though via NU Revo online promoter Diallo. This is the first video we are shooting together, so if all goes well you won’t be seeing me hiring anymore directors to shoot my videos. I have worked with some good one’s who has given me quality work, but if you know me I am all about doing things in house. Otherwise why did I start my label NU Revolution Entertainment LLC?

I was going to drop my “Prelude to the King” Mixtape on March 5th, but I always go through Frostwire.com for my torrent releases as well. They approached me two years ago to promote my “Overdue & Underrated” Mixtape and it has been a great business partnership ever since. I never have done less than 100,000 downloads with them and they have done promo for major companies like Pixar and Disney before, so it’s an honor to work with them. Did I mention they are the number one download site for music? I know most people think its Napster or Limewire, but Frostwire seemed have wiped them out when both of those companies were going through copyright infringement problems. I might be looking at a March 12th or 19th drop date now, which I am fine with because when you’re getting people you know saying, “Hey I saw your mixtape on the front of my Frostwire program,” your making moves.

In closing, I’ll keep shouting out my team of CuzOH! Black, DJ Nominal, Strada, Capish, Professa and Diallo. Keep checking out our new blogger on Revolt Radio Sofia Topsy and make sure you hit www.revoltradio.com and send music to musicsubmissions@revoltradio.com for airplay/blog posting via @cuzohblack and @djnominal on twitter.

Finally, shout to 730 and J Pizzle for continuing to let my mouth run wild on their site, no censors needed here fella’s….!!! See ya’ll next week !

“The One with the Classical Flow”


Wordsmith Journal Entry #3

Wordsmith Journal Entry #3

It’s been a tough week on the daddy tip for me; my son King Noah has been sick since last Friday, so I am
working on little sleep. It’s hard to see an infant sick as oppose to an adult because you can only do so
much for them; mainly comfort. Not to gross anybody out, but the snot that I have pulled from this little
boy’s nose seems to gush like a waterfall. Hearing him struggle during the night while he tries to sleep
keeps my ears at peak listening volume, so sometimes when it hits 4:45 AM for my morning workout I’m
not sure if I actually slept. I mean my eyes are closed, but I am still conscious of my son as his crib is right
next to my bed. It’s been taking me a good hour in the morning to suction his nose out real good, wipe
his face down, rub some Vick’s on his chest, crank the humidifier up some more and comfort him before
I can start my morning workouts. He seems to sleep best after he wakes during the 4AM hour and I re-
clean him from the bath he took the night before. I definitely know he is sick because he went from
sleeping through the night until I wake him for us to leave for daycare to being up by 4AM since Friday
struggling to breath. Some adults are pitiful when they are congested, lol, so imagine an infant’s pain
when they don’t know how to breathe out their nose to good at this stage. In closing, no complaints on
my end, I am Daddy and I’m here during the good and bad times.

On the music tip, still no word from Fats Beats on a release date for my “King Noah” LP, but I will
keep faith in my product that it will come at the right time. I’m very proud of this album because it’s
personal, but really showcases my songwriting skills. It’s crazy I kind of look at this as my first official
release, one because I am shooting for physical distribution, which I have never had and two when I
released “Vintage Experience” it was full of old material I had written as far back as 2005 when I wasn’t
even out yet. I think I just wanted to get certain tracks out of the crates and start fresh with the rest of
my career. My standout track on Vintage was “As the Art Fades Away,” but you will see on “King Noah” I
was set out to make good music, bump the genre, is it HipHop, is it commercial, blah, blah, blah…I made
music with a message on this album. I sit and think about all the life lesson messages I put before each
track on the album and picture my son Kingston grown and listening to them; taking it all in. His smile,
his facial expressions are so vivid in my mind though I have no clue what he will look like in 10 years or
so, but it makes it so much sweeter. Okay, so that’s all I’ll say on the album again for now as I plan on
dissecting each track for my fans once a release date is in place and the countdown begins.

For now, you can look forward to my “Prelude to the King” Mixtape dropping March 5th, 2012 and that is
the first time I have released a date. My last release from the project is called “The Limit,” which talked
about warring with suicide or living for a better day. Yesterday I released “A Hero’s Welcome,” which
I wrote for all the soldiers that sacrifice their life for the greater good of our nation yearly. My pops
retired as a Full Colonel in the Army, so this track is for him, a buddy of mine named Jerry Doby and any
troops I don’t know. The beat has a nice cadence to it, the hook is catchy and the lyrics are deep and
hit home for the soldiers. This mixtape is full of life music as I really want to get my fans mind frames
in the correct mode for my “King Noah” LP. In 3 weeks I’ll be doing a double release called “Get What
you Love & Define Me Classic,” which my homie DJ Frankie Paige from Sirius/XM The Foxxhole did cuts
on. Those will be the final releases from the Mixtape before it drops on MARCH 5TH, I REPEAT MARCH

Furthermore, I will be starting my rehearsals for the music on “King Noah” and if you know me my stage
show is very energetic and I am looking to bring back some of my theatrics on this project. I’m literally
jotting down the props I will need for each song, but being mindful of keeping those props small for
travel reasons. I spent the last month and two weeks getting my cardio up to par as I will always have
an athlete’s mentality from my college football days. Right now, I am in the beginning stages of my King
Noah Promo Tour booking, but it will kick off March 9th @ Motif and March 10th @ Streetlight Records in
San Jose, CA. I look forward to hitting the stage soon and will be getting down to stage show details over
the next month and two weeks leading up to those dates.

In closing, I like to thank my team of CuzOH! Black, DJ Nominal, Strada, Capish, Professa and Diallo for
their continued backing as we move forward this year. Shout to our newest blogger on Revolt Radio
Sofia Topsy; mannnn this girl can’t write her butt off, so make sure you hit www.revoltradio.com
and send music to musicsubmissions@revoltradio.com for airplay/blog posting via @cuzohblack and
@djnominal on twitter.

Final shout to 730 and J Pizzle for continuing to let my mouth run wild on their site, no censors needed
here fella’s….!!! See ya’ll next week !



“The One with the Classical Flow”

Mixtape Download: BuckMarleyxxx x Wordsmith x DJ Nominal Presents….The Revolutionary Riot Report Vol. 20

Hosted by Nu Revolution’s Black Knight and mixed/blended by Nu Revolution’s DJ Nominal. The project features new records from some of the hottest indie/unsigned artists in the game. Contributors include Cuz OH! Black,L. Da East CoastBully, Ty Bru, Wordsmith, and Jones Andrews.

Download Here

Wordsmith Journal Entry #2

Wordsmith Journal Entry #2

My job recently told me I can no longer pick up extra hours, so I had an extended break dating back
to last Wednesday. Some might get mad over a development like this, but I stayed positive and just
said, “God must have other plans for me.” Why do I say that, well I am pretty much a single father and I
actually needed the extra time with my kids along with devoting more time to my Music. God seems to
have a way of working things out for you whether you’re aware of change or oblivious to it.

On the music tip my “King Noah” LP was finished a month ago and like I stated in the last journal I am
awaiting Fat Beats Records ruling on the project and a drop date; preferably April 24th or May 1st would
be nice. I’ll keep my fans updated on that as right now I am printing up flyers of the cover, which is very
dope. It was hand drawn by a buddy of mine overseas named Gab Gato and it features my son and I gold
plated in Egyptian designs. In my opinion it will be one of the most heartfelt covers released this year
and really embodies what the “King Noah” LP is about. Since I have mad time to talk about the album I
will leak more and more as I drop these journals for my fans and family. Other than that I will be kicking
off my “King Noah” Promo Tour in San Jose, CA on March 9th at Motif (Shout to DJ Rowbot of KSJS 90.5)
and then rocking Streetlight Records on March 10th, so all my West Coast fans don’t miss my show; the
theatrics will be back!

Before I get to the release of my album I’ll be dropping my “Prelude to the King” Mixtape at the top of
March. I am undecided on a DJ cutting up the project because to me the music is important for my fans
to hear clearly. I do have the support of long time collaborator’s 2 Dope Boyz as they will be presenting
the project for me; shout to Joel aka Shakes for the assist. 3 weeks ago I released a record from the
mixtape called “The Limit,” which touches on suicide and reaching breaking points in your life; check it
out here http://soundcloud.com/wordsmith/wordsmith-the-limit-produced and purchase it on ITUNES
if you really like it http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-limit-single/id494071930 (Quick promo never
hurts, lol) Anyways, I feel like I am moving more towards real life music that the common individual can
relate to. I have to thank the hardships I am currently going through and writing the “King Noah” LP for
reviving this in me. My next release is called “A Hero’s Welcome,” and my inspiration for this record
came from the fact that my father, Tony Parker, was in the Army for over two decades and retired as a
Full Colonel; something still uncommon for an African American in our day and age. I grew up around
the Army life, so I really needed to touch on it and let the soldiers who sacrifice their life daily know it
doesn’t go unnoticed. I believe it has a catchy hook and strong lyrics that will grab the listener like “The
Limit” did. I want my fans and family to hear the angle I am coming from on this mixtape as it all relates
to real life and will really prep you for my “King Noah” album.

Besides the music I am releasing setting up the correct promo for both of these projects is key to me and
I am somewhat in a dilemma. I’m currently signed to OMEG Management who steers the careers of
people like Chris Bosh, Cobra Starship, 50 Tyson, 2 Pistols and more. On the verge of a major radio
campaign for my first radio single, “On My Job,” from the “King Noah” Album my manager had a relapse
with his Leukemia; something he has been fighting for years. I’m not trying to put his business out there,
but he is only 36 with a family and it hurts to see good people be struck by such a brutal disease. I mean
I seen my mother deal with Cancer and loose her mother and one of her sisters over it throughout my

life, so this is an uphill battle for him. I will admit I feel wrong sometimes because I am so close to my
goal that I want God to heal him so he can live a fruitful life, but also so he can get me over the hump in
my career and get me the national attention I believe my music deserves. I feel in considerate on that
tip sometimes because I am like a machine; no matter how bad things are in my life I keep it moving and
I have to realize everyone isn’t built like that. Through prayer I left that situation in God’s hands and
have complete faith it will come to fruition when I need it most. In the meantime I have been talking to
PR companies, something I have never had in my career as I always do my own promo with my NU
Revolution team. Shout to CuzOH! Black, DJ Nominal, Strada, Capish, Professa and Diallo for their
undying faith in me. It’s crazy to think I had up to 15 people on my label doing various things at one
point just to realize numbers don’t always mean a great output. I would rather rock with a small group
of people that exhibit the same drive I have daily to make it in this industry. Sorry, I went off on a small
tangent there, but back to business. I am also reaching out to some radio promoters because I have
some great singles on my album that need to be heard by the masses. Only problem is I don’t have the
machine behind me like a major label artist. Truth be told, I rely on the money I spend each year via my
NU Revolution Entertainment LLC. Label and the Government is so kind to return a nice portion of it
through taxes; the so kind part is me being smart by the way. Artists, take note of what I said right there
and make sure your handling your business correctly because that’s how I build my yearly budget for
projects. I have to press on with my career and if OMEG comes back into the picture great, but I won’t
allow myself to have regrets because I sat idle during a rough spot in my career.

I look forward to letting my fans and family into more of my life, so make sure and check back weekly for
a new journal entry from me on WeGoinin.com and a special thanks to another long time collaborator
named 730 and his partner J Pizzle for allowing me to run my mouth on their site! Peace and Blessings to
all and I’ll see everyone next week.

Wordsmith Journal Entry #1

5:00 AM…I know why am I kicking things off with a time; well its simple, that’s what time I get up Monday through Friday to kick off my days. I start with a prayer then a 45 minute as I’m training for a promo tour in March for my “King Noah” Album, but more on that later.  Unfortunately, I don’t get a chance to refuel my body correctly due to time, so an orange and a few glasses of water are my breakfast before I hit the shower. Next, I have to feed my newborn, Kingston Noah, before waking up my 8 year old Ezequiel to begin our early morning Journey.  I’m usually out of my house between 6:30-6:45 and proceed to take Kingston to his daycare location 30 minutes from my house and drop off Ezequiel at his grandparents on the way back so he can walk to school around 8:30 AM. Once this is all done I head to my job for the next 8 hours and repeat everything I just did when I get off of work to arrive at home by 7:00 PM or later.  I feed Kingston when home while Ezequiel and I do his homework. In my head I stay plotting on what I’m going to cook for Zeke and I along with the activities we can all do for next few hours before its shower time for my boys. I put my kids to bed around 9:30 PM and I use to try and stay up to 1:00 AM to work on music, but it was just too much so I tuck it in with my kids now to have energy for our early mornings. Some people may think this is a lot, but this is the norm for me and I find myself extra motivated on such a tight schedule like this. My studio is in my crib, but I find myself designating my writing/recording days now; being a good father while continuing to strive for my dream of being a national recording artist are one in the same to me. Both will show my kids their father worked hard while they were growing up and regardless of the circumstances they should go for their dreams and don’t seek sympathy from others. I accept my situation as a single father and use the motivation daily to persevere.

I took a little time to introduce myself as a person/father because it embodies who I am as a musician. I work very hard with limited time, but have managed to make some serious strides in the music industry. Last year alone I was able to license music to VH1, CBS, ESPN, Golf Channel and even won an ASCAPLUS Award for my songwriting; something I have always wanted to be known for. Now, I’m looking to embark on a new journey with my “King Noah” Album. I really wanted to do a full length project for my newborn, so it would serve as a time capsule for the rest of his life. It’s what I call a life lesson album, but I wrote it in a fashion that the average music head can enjoy the body of music. For my son Kingston, I recorded messages before each track that he can listen to over and over as he grows up and each time the messages will be mean more to him due to life experiences. I literally turned my album over to DJ Eclipse of WNYU 89.1 today, so he could personally deliver it to Fat Beats for distribution. I’m a history of Hip Hop buff as well donning over 200 tapes in my personal collection throughout the years, so dropping a project off a legendary label like this is a goal of mine. By my next journal entry I’ll let my fans know the outcome and I’ll definitely be going more into detail of how I created this project over the next few months.

Moving forward, I wanted to take some time to talk about my musical tastes and what I think I’m here to achieve before I end this first journal. I grew up in the Golden Era of Hip Hop, so I like conceptual music that stands alone from its counterparts. Today, music is so saturated and I wasn’t interested in playing follow the leader, so even my album singles are done in a way that my fans won’t say I’m straying too far from the universal music I have created over the years. Lyrically, I like to tell stories and occasionally just rhyme, but having a message in my content really makes me as a musician. Notice I said musician; I mean that because though I will always love Hip Hop I am here to make good music only. I’m not here to fit into some box of that’s commercial, that’s alternative, that’s underground. Sorry, but rapping is just the gift God gave me and my overall plan isn’t to be the nicest on the mic. I want to use my platform of music to help and provide opportunities for others in this world. I think I’m more anxious to take missions, donate money to 3rd world countries and show the world how we are truly here to do God’s work rather than flaunt the finer things in life. I just consider myself grounded and thankful for the small and big things I receive in life and my statement above doesn’t mean I’m some type of bible thumper; I just understand why I’m here on this earth and there are tons of people that need to be enlightened to that fact.



The Foundation- Wordsmith Edition

“Whut Thee Album”
Review by Wordsmith

Redman made his debut in 1990 on EPMD’s “Business as Usual” album on the tracks “Hardcore” and “Brothers on my Jock”. His delivery on the mic was flawless, confident and exuberant when it came to changing tones during a verse. Reds sound was so different that he basically gained a fan base off of those two records. We are talking about a time when an artist had features on their albums it was a big deal; you were lucky to get two songs featuring another artist as oppose to today’s Albums predominantly carrying features to sell more records. This allowed the listener to really hone in and be excited to hear a verse from another artist and Redman took full advantage of that.
Two years later, Redman’s opportunity came as a solo artist and he releases his debut album “Whut Thee Album”, which I thought was a dope title after fans had to wait two years for a solo offering. I even appreciated the fact that Red wrote “Whut Thee Album” incorrect as it gave a glimpse to Redman’s mind frame when it came to the presentation of his music. Opening up the album with “Psycho Ward” was genius to me because it set the tone for the album and showed us that Redman has personality, acting skills and a unique sense of breaking boundaries musically. By the time the “Time 4 Sum Aksion” sample via B-Real of Cypress Hill drops you know this album is going to be amp all the way through. Those who grew up in the golden era know that “Time 4 Sum Aksion” was and is Redman’s main single that broke him nationally. Heading into “Da Funk”, “News Break”, and “So Ryff” it is quite clear Redman spent hours as a kid playing his dad’s vinyl George Clinton, Parliament and Bootsy Collins records at a feverish level. There is a sense of detail when it comes to Red sampling from the aforementioned artists because they fit so well into the created instrumental. Yes, Redman didn’t do much producing on his first effort as Rockwilder and Erick Sermon carried the load, but you can tell he had input on the funk samples used. As the “Inhale” side of the album wraps up the album seems to get darker/grittier with tracks like Rated R, Watch Yo Nuggets w/ Erick Sermon, Blow Your Mind and Hardcore. It’s like Red chose the A side of his album to be his darker moments so you can inhale his worst first.
Side B of Redman’s album is titled “Exhale” so by this time he is expecting you to digest who he is and prepare to be high as hell throughout the rest of his album; literally. Opening with “Funky Uncles” is perfect because it’s a lighter and funnier side to Redman and he plays several characters with their own unique voices during this skit. Keeping things on the light side Redman introduces himself to his alter ego Reggie Noble. Their isn’t too many artist that will mention their government name on an album much less battle him, so again Redman is showing his range as an artist and storyteller. “Tonight’s Da Night” is and will forever be a classic by Red because the story and sample mesh so well together. It was that 90’s anthem for hitting the clubs, so that should tell you how much the rap game has changed when hear today’s club hits. The following surprise is literally a surprise as the listener is treated to a remix of “Blow your Mind”, but I have to be honest it was not needed on this project. At the most it should have been a hidden bonus track and not a part of the official track listing. The rest of the album is all about smoking weed to the highest degree as Redman gets ”Sessed One Night”, show us “How to Roll a Blunt” and kicks off his series of “Sooperman Lover” stories that ended up continuing through his next few releases.
Overall, if you didn’t grow up in the 90’s there weren’t a lot of albums that openly talked about smoking weed, so for Red to make that his main focus yet dazzle us with uncanny lyrics and storytelling was a feat in its own. Red truly introduced us to his true self and didn’t create an image for the sake of being a star.

Check out Wordsmith here

Our Fam Wordsmith Drops Fresh Heat

“Music for the Masses”, produced by Strada, is the 2nd single off Wordsmith’s upcoming “King Noah Mixtape” hosted by Power 105′s DJ Envy.

Wordsmith- Music For The Masses

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Wordsmith Gets Bloody

Music Video to Wordsmith’s 1st single, “Grudges & Growing Pains,” from the upcoming “King Noah Mixtape.” Directed by Paul Adams, the visuals leave the viewer to decide what really happened.

Wordsmith Reps For Us!

Shout out to Wordsmith for this dope exclusive freestyle!

Wordsmith- Quick 16 Freestyle Produced By 730

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Music For SuperHeros

Wordsmith’s crew The Nu Revolution Camp drops its new mixtape SuperHero Theme Music Vol. 1. Download and support the real.

The Nu Revolution Camp – SuperHero Theme Music Vol. 1

Chubb Rock and Wordsmith Keep It Gully

Here’s nope new posse cut from Chubb Rock and Wordsmith. Always nice to hear ill shit like this.

Chubb Rock & Wordsmith Feat. Jakk Frost & Sha Stimuli – Back In Remix (Produced by Strada)

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Wordsmith and Friends Make Ode To Household Appliance

Wordsmith’s crew The Nu Revelation Camp drops a new joint with an ill Southern style. They all kill it. This is the first single from their upcoming mixtape “Superhero Theme Music” Vol. 1 dropping February 7th, 2011.

The Nu Revolution Camp- Pressure Cooker (Produced by Benny Rome of Drum Majors ATL)

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Wordsmith Bangs Blocks


Wordsmith drops more heat off his forthcoming “OVERDUE & UNDERRATED” mixtape. This joint does NOT sound anything out there at the moment. Props for originality.

Wordsmith-Block Banger (Produced by Capish)

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Wordsmith Hosts Open Mic In Recording Booth


Holy crap, this is a huge posse cut. That is my only comment.

Wordsmith-”You Never Know”Featuring Kontact & Black Knight, Lef, Siyam, Laelo Hood, LX, RhymeZwell, Whitefolkz, REUB, Fred Knuxx, Philly Swain, & Jakk Frost

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Wordsmith Rocks Hard


Wordsmith gets gully over some heavy riffs on his new joint “Heavy Metal Mics.” Good stuff indeed.

Wordsmith- Heavy Metal Mics (Produced by DJ Bless)

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Wordsmith Sheds Light On What Should Be A Constitutionally Protected Right


We have gun rights, property rights, legal rights, and voting rights but what about bragging rights? Wordsmith sagely raises the topic.

Wordsmith- Braggin Rights (Produced by Rafpak)

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Wordsmith Creates Fifth Season


Here is a new leak from Wordsmith’s upcoming mixtape “The Overdue & Underrated.”

Wordsmith- Season of The MC (Produced by Street Level)

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Rappers Use Stimulus Funds For Infrastructure Development


From their forthcoming collaboration album, Chubb Rock and Wordsmith “Bridge the Gap” for us. Thanks for making our roads and bridges safer guys!

Chubb Rock & Wordsmith-Bridge the Gap

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